S11 Week 1: Stun's Shocking Rankings

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    Inspirational quote out of the way, welcome to Stun's weekly power rankings!
    We've had a good opening week of LG Footy for Fifa 21, so let's see how every team is doing, and who I rank from best to worst!

    1. Atletico Madrid

    Atletico is looking very solid to start this season! Four big wins and a strong start! Fetz, Mayor and Inferno have had a good strong effort in defense, while SJ has led a decent attack in the first 4 games! Good work guys, but you have a large target on you now!

    2. Cadiz

    This is the equivalent of Leverkusen from last season. Unassuming from the draft, but hitting the league like a truck! Blas finally is finding his stride and is torching defenses on offense, while Fear Alisson has been solid in goal. However I'm still not fully confident in their defense, but they've had a good start.

    3. Granada

    Granada is the team that will score 5 times a game, but also concede 4 a game usually too. Albanian, Breed and Omar have created an electric attack that undoubtedly has caught defenses off guard. If they can be solid in the back end, this team has the power to win the league.

    4. FC Barcelona

    A solid start despite the hiccups, the offense has worked well, and the defense is looking good. I know "Sheikh strikes" is the big meme, but I'd give Sheikh a start over Meh at LB given his recent performances. You guys gotta remember Sheikh was a TOTS LB until he was benched last season!

    5. Real Madrid

    I've seen this before, you can't fool me guys. You'll do decently for the first few weeks, standing mid table, and then you'll start winning and scoring even more as Kevin takes off, and surge to win the league. It happened last year, I feel like it will happen again.

    6. Osasuna

    I'd rate you higher if you hadn't just sold icy and Scrumz. Not a bad deal, and Jack is a great ST, but that defense will be quite leaky now. No solid wing backs, maybe you guys should run 3 at the back? I'm certain Callum would give some advice on how to make it work!

    7. Valencia

    Valencia splashed the cash, and it should pay off! Scrumz running the defense alongside Callum while icy can help rotate the attack. I expect to see this team jumping up the rankings next week. Don't let me down boys.

    8. Villareal

    Ugh, it pains me to see strong players just not playing! I think this team's main issue is that it isn't fully set yet. Ash has had to drop back on defense, and it's attack has been quiet. Please don't take this beautiful defense and squander it guys...

    9. Sevilla

    Honestly, you had tough matchups Week One. All you need is to get back on track and soon you'll get better results in your favor. There isn't really a bad team in LG right now, so some of the places may be interchangeable.

    10. Getafe

    Okay, maybe this is the "bad" team, but even so, it's not horrible. Naxvyy, the teams only competent attacker, wasn't here last week, and the GK situation isn't great for the team. There's a chance for you guys to rebound, but I'd go for a good GK sooner rather than later. Say, Gbanana is still available-oh he joined Sevilla.

    8. Sevilla, 9. Villareal

    Okay, fixed those rankings after that trade!

    Anyway, now let's look at my 3 stars of the week!

    Third Star: BroadwayCJ97

    This man has put Villareal on his shoulders with a league leading 18 saves so far, despite Villareal's rough start.


    Second Star: LastXTrick

    He's done a great job running Cadiz midfield, leading in big defensive stats. That strong week 1 gives him the second star of the week! Blas gave inspiration for his card design since he and CJ were too lazy to fill the form.


    First Star:

    3 goals, 4 assists. The top goalscorer last season has come out swinging by leading the league in assists and having 3 goals after league one. This great start from KevinSLB1302 hands him my First Star, and LG PLAYER OF THE WEEK! Congrats!


    Thanks for reading, and try that Grapefruit top note! Jeremy recommends it!

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    Thanks Stun! Appreciate it!
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