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    S13 signups are now open. Bidding will start Jan. 14.

    In an effort to help grow the league, the following will be changed in S13

    1. The league will shift to a "Champions League" setup where owners may choose any major European league or MLS team to be. Teams will be randomly divided into two conferences. There will be a league title, a playoff title and a Champions League Cup.

    2. The rookie draft this season was a disaster. We're cutting it.

    3. The RA rule is going away. Instead, there will be one blind bidding midway through the season for anyone who signed up from the time bidding started until the blinds bidding. Anyone who signs up after the blind bidding has missed the cut and will not be allowed to play. Anyone won in blind bidding may be called up and play unlimited number of games.

    4. We are introducing Designated Players to the league. Each Owner will have a GM and AGM with no contract, then, they may bring on two designated players, one for 4M and another for 6M. These players may be resigned at the end of the season just like any other resigns.

    5. To make the transition to the designated player system easier, rosters will be reset this season.

    6. Even though friendlies have been fixed, we are rolling back to only 2 games per night. Sunday and Monday, 9 and 940 est, Tuesday at 8 and 840 est. This will extend the season a couple weeks, but should make things easier on owners and make it easier for people to play.

    7. There will be a change to how we handle game starts. In recent seasons, teams have been abusing the delay rule. Going forward, Teams have 10 minutes, plus an extra 5 for connection issues, then owners may take FFs. We do not need to be waiting 20 minutes to start games.
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