PSN S15 Offseason Timeline

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    S15 Off-season Week 0 to 3 – Wednesday, Sept 02 thru Saturday, Sept 26

    • Current S15 NHL Owners are given the opportunity to state their interest in returning for the coming season (S15). The deadline is set for Monday, Sept 14 at 20:00 ET.
    • Staff will review the new Ownership applications and conduct interviews between Mon Sept 14 thru Sun Sept 27.
    • The Retirement window is open for all players and Seasonal ID flips to S15 (by Sept 09th).
      • Free-agent players who retire are eligible to un-retire ANYTIME during the season as long as the sign-up window is open.
      • Players who are under contract for this season and retire can ONLY UNRETIRE prior to the retirement deadline of 17:00 ET on Thurs Oct 22. After the deadline, those players will not be eligible to return to the league until the following season.
    S15 Off-season Week 4 – Sunday, Sept 27 thru Saturday, Oct 03
    S15 Off-season Week 5 – Sunday, Oct 04 thru Saturday, Oct 10
    S15 Off-season Week 6 – Sunday, Oct 11 thru Saturday, Oct 17
    • On Sun Oct 11: The Resign Period approval posting ends at 20:00 ET
    • On Mon Oct 12: The Resign Period ends at 09:00 ET
    • On Mon Oct 12: @Tris10 dumps S14 rosters keeping only players under contract for S15+ (by 12:00 ET)
    • On Mon Oct 12: The trade window opens (10-day window) at 17:00 ET (or after roster dumps)
    • On Tues Oct 13: Roster-Contract Drops close (17:00 ET)
    S15 Off-season Week 7 to 8 – Sunday, Oct 18 thru Saturday, Oct 31
    • On Thurs Oct 22: The retirement window closes at 17:00 ET
    • On Thurs Oct 22: The trade window closes at 18:00 ET
    • On Thurs Oct 22: S15 NHL Entry Draft at 20:00 ET
    • On Fri Oct 23: S15 NHL Entry Draft contracts are issued
    • On Fri Oct 23: The trade window re-opens (24-hour window)
    • On Sat Oct 24: The trade window re-closes at 18:00 ET

    • On Sat Oct 24: S15 NHL Bidding begins at 21:00 ET until Mon Oct 26 (48-hour window)
    • On Tues Oct 27: S15 AHL Bidding begins at 21:00 ET until Thurs Oct 29 (48-hour window)
    • On Fri Oct 30: S15 CHL Bidding begins at 21:00 ET until Sun Nov 01 (48-hour window)
    • Trade windows will open for each league once the contracts have been issued and accepted by the players. Until then, the trade window will be closed. The BOGs will determine a proper date for this. Trades involving NHL & AHL must have contracts issued on both ends.
    S15 Opening Night - Sunday, November 01
    • Opening night of LG Season 15!
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