S17 Agm Search - Drummondville

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    Hey, ladies and gents.. I know I’m a fairly newer name to LG actively owned these past two seasons with the Drummondville Voltigeurs.. S15 was probably as worse of a start I could of possibly had as an LG Owner, finishing dead last in the Q and questioned myself if I can handle owning in LG.. This past season, I manage to progress we went from dead last to a game seven first round exit after coming back from 3-1 down.. This past season @Heedlessjem420 and I went without an Agm for the entire season, and while we manage it was indeed tough.. I know that next season it’s just been myself confirmed to return to management.. So I’d also like to thank @Heedlessjem420 for putting up with my shit the past two seasons, and if you leave then I wish the best to you. With that being said next season I want to put together a contender.. If you want to apply for Agm then shoot me a message on Discord DirtyDeeds200#3522 I’ll be reading all messages and will pick the best candidate that’s worth the contract. Take care and good night everyone.
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