S28 Hart Trophy Award

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Who do you think should win the Hart Trophy?

  1. NYR95

  2. GB521

  3. T1 Clamps

  4. cj142

  5. Sbass19

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    The Hart Trophy is awarded annually to the "player judged most valuable to his team".

    Here is a spreadsheet of various statistics for the nominees; however, feel free to dig deeper and post anything you find interesting.

    The community vote gives the awards committee more information to use when voting.

    The nominees for the Season 28 Hart Trophy are:

    :team21: @NYR95 LW (22-3-1)
    GP: 26 P: 98 G: 56 A: 42 +/-: 69 TA: 87

    The winner of the Maurice "Rocket" Richard Trophy and the NHL Plus-Minus Award looks to add to his trophy case with an impressive season for the Tampa Bay Lightning. He captured 45 of the Lightning's 104 points in the standings and led the team in scoring (as well as scoring 18 goals more than his next closest teammate). He suffered no losses against teams that missed the playoffs this season. Some other notable statistics: he led the entire league in shots with 168, highest assists per game among nominees, least giveaways against playoff teams among forwards nominated.

    :team75: @GB521 C (24-1-2)
    GP: 27 P: 90 G: 54 A: 36 +/-: 61 TA: 79
    Last year's Ted Lindsay and Art Ross winner has another stellar campaign helping the Blackhawks win the President's Trophy. He secured 50 of the Blackhawks 128 standings' points. He had the fourth-highest face-off percentage in the league with 57.5% and led all centers in goals. Furthermore, he tied for the least most losses among nominees with 1 regulation and 2 overtime losses. Some other notable statistics: he had the highest goals-percentage among nominees with 48.2%, the least penalty minutes among nominees, highest goals per game against playoff teams among nominees.

    :team27: @T1 Clamps D (25-1-2)
    GP: 28 P: 35 G: 3 A: 32 +/-: 43 TA: 84
    A member of the All-Star team last season, he was a key cog in the Islander's machine this season. Clamps is the only defenseman nominated for the Hart. He was in for 52 of the 120 points the Islanders were able to grab this season. He had the best standings' point-percentage among the nominees, led the league (among skaters) in wins with 25, and had the most wins versus playoff-bound opponents among the nominees. Some other notable statistics: 2nd most shots among defenseman, 3rd most assists among defenseman, most hits among nominees.

    :team8: @cj142 C (19-6-3)
    GP: 27 P: 72 G: 30 A: 42 +/-: 35 TA: 95
    A former Stanley Cup champion and Conn Smythe winner, his big season contributed greatly to the success of the Colorado Avalanche. He won 41 points out of his team's 103 total points in the standings. He led the nominees in Scoring Factor with 85.7 (had a point on 85.7% of his team's goals) and assist percentage with 77.8 (if he didn't score the goal, he had an assist on 77.8% of goals). CJ also led the nominees in takeaways and takeaways per game. Some other notable statistics: 5th in the league among forward in takeaways, led his team in points by 16, most assists (and assists per game) against playoff teams among nominees.

    :team15: @Sbass19 LW (20-6-0)

    GP: 26 P: 110 G: 45 A: 65 +/-: 64 TA: 87
    Sbass has already won one Hart Trophy and has a solid argument for another with a fantastic performance in S28. Sbass helped the Sharks to 40 of their 127 points allowing them to attain the second-best record in the league. He led the entire league in points and assists winning him this season's Art Ross Trophy and NHL Assist Award. He had the highest points per game among the nominees overall as well as versus playoff teams and versus non-playoff teams. He led his team in scoring by 27 points. Some other notable statistics: highest shooting percentage among nominees, best plus-minus against playoff teams among nominees, 2nd highest plus-minus in the league.
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