* New * S28 Player Info; Availability Requirements, Strike System, League Bans, Disconnections (NHL-AHL)

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    With week one in the books, and after I've reviewed some of our issues we had in during our open week I wanted to touch base on some major MUST KNOW topics for this season! Each season we tend to make a few adjustments, and it is extremely important for all our players to know these changes! Please take the time to read this post.


    • Players are required to give a MIN of four games availability weekly! Failure to do so can lead to a player being scheduled for games in which he or she may not be able to attend. Failure to provide any availability also results in players forfeiting their right to be scheduled based on when he or she is available.
    • In situations where several players on a single team only provide the minimum amount of availability can result in several players not being given three games a week due to schedule conflicts.
    • Availability should be provided NO LATER than Saturday at 9 pm EST. This allows you managers 23 hours to get their lines set up prior to the weekly lines deadline.
    • During the season, players can be subbed out freely of a game prior to the game starting. Therefore as a player you can have your scheduled moved around during the week based on a managers request.
    Best Practice For Players

    Use the mobile app! It allows for the EASIEST way to give your weekly availability and it also allows you to give upwards to a week and half in advance. As a player your responsibilities are minimal, but the one thing that is always expected is to communicate with your managers when you are and aren't available to play!

    Keep in mind each season you are eligible for two weeks IR. IR is used a basically when you cannot commit to a week of play during the season.

    Strike System

    • Currently our strike is used from when a player(s) misses a scheduled game.
    • The current rules state that a player can be removed for being issued three consecutive strikes in a week, OR five cumulative strikes during a season *NEW*.
    • Strikes can ONLY be issued for games in which a player has stated they are available for. The ONLY exception is when a player gives less than four games of availability.
    Best Practice For Players
    • If you have are scheduled, show up! If something comes up last minute, be sure to notify your managers as soon as possible to avoid being issued a strike!
    League Removals, League Bans
    • Currently being removed from the LGHL removes a player's eligible to sign up to ANY OTHER LG event that he or she is currently not signed up for.
    • In addition to removing a player's ability to participate in other LG events, a ban from the Xbox LGHL, will remove the player for the PSN LGHL as well! This also works vice versa, whereby a ban from the PSN League will remove a player from the Xbox league!
    • Second tag violations remove site access.
    • Severe conduct issues can result in League or site bans.
    • Bans for S28 and S6 will result in a "strike" issued preventing a player from participating in ESHL Events.
    • Reference our Participation Policy for NHL 18 HERE
    • Reference our Site Terms Of Service HERE
    Best Practice for Players;
    • You've committed to this season regardless of what else happens. Ensure you show up when scheduled to avoid a ban!
    • If a ban issued, all appeals are handled by me directly. What works best for appeals is filing an appeal in the action center, and
    Disconnection Procedures, and Game Night Setup

    One of the most difficult and frustrating parts of LG is getting games started on time, and what happens when the game lags out? Understanding the game night processes, and what to do if a game lags out can and will make your league experience more enjoyable!

    • Official NHL game times are, 9-10-11. AHL game times are 8:45-9:45-10:45.
    • Each game has a buffer of five minutes in which the game can start late. That five minutes is from the official times listed above.
    • Players CAN BE given a grace period of ten minutes, "additional time" to get into a game. This ADDITIONAL TIME IS ONLY FOR CONNECTION ISSUE; IE home internet problems, EA server issues, game freezing, etc.
    • A forfeit can be taken 6 minutes after official game time if an additional time request has yet to be made.
    • If ANY combination of two or more players (two on one team, one from each team, etc) the game will continue until the next whistle and then SHALL BE restarted.
    • If a player lags out, prior to the OPENING FACE-OFF of the game, the game SHALL be restarted, no penalty is required.
    • Any time a player lags out (exception is prior to the opening face-off), the game shall continue to be played until the period ends. Once the period ends, the game needs to be reset whereby the player whom lagged out is required to take a penalty.
    • The team whom has a player lag out has ten minutes FROM THE TIME THE GAME ENDS to either find an ECU replacement for the player whom lagged out, or have the lag out player return to the game.
    • If a team is on the power-play, and a reset is required, the power play in which the team is on needs to be on honored as best as possible. EX; PIT is on a 5-4 PP vs TOR. TOR has a lag out at the end of period one. PIT has 1 minute left on their power-play prior to the restart. Upon restarting the game, the 1 min power play needs to be honored. In order to do so, the player whom was in the box during the restart is required to take a delay of game penalty. Then both teams let the clock run down until the time reaches how much was remaining for the original penalty. Then the lag-out penalty can be applied.
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