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    I just wanted to touch base with the entire League today and give everyone an update on where we kind of stand right now. The first season of a new game tends to have the longest off-season and even longer for the PSN community due to an early S2 Playoff. This is to allow more players to get to the site on time to sign up for bidding. With the game only really being a week old, this also gives our players the opportunity to buy the game as well. This time of the season is also when we ramp scouting games up, so managers can get a better feel for whom has adapted to the new playing style and who hasn't. With all that being said I wanted to give everyone a heads up as to what is going on for the new few weeks.


    Scouting Season!

    For our brand new sign ups whom maybe feeling a bit overwhelmed with how much goes on here on the site, scouting games can be found under the chatbox in EACH League. What really determines your ability to scout will be what league are you eligible for? That will be discussed later on in this thread!

    For managers I do recommend scouting. It can really make a difference fro you all!


    The orange button; LG Pick-UP Games; is the go to for scouting lobbies. Its all sorted by league and by console, so be sure you are signing up for the right lobby!

    Am I Signed Up? How Do I Retire? How Do I Unretire?

    There are a few ways to double check if you are either in the draft or headed to NHL bidding.


    Once again below the chat box in the PSN section, the LGHL Draft tab in white will show you if you are in fact in the draft. Keep your eyes on the yellow section, that will show you when the list was last updated.

    Right now players whom were listed as a P last season and HAVE signed up for S3 are on the draft list.


    The bidding list can ALSO be accessed from below the chat box. Once again keep in mind you need to review what is written in Yellow to see when the list was last updated.


    Retirement is all accessed via the Action Center. To come out of retirement, staff can be notified and we can now handle it due to a recent upgrade to the Commissioner Tools.

    What League Am I Eligible to Play In? Can I Skip Sessions to Go To A Specific Session?

    With NHL bidding going live on Oct 2, if you sign up before that date and are an AMATEUR or VETERAN player you will be eligible for the bidding session! Keep in mind if you are either of those player status, and sign up DURING NHL bidding, you are too late BUT will be eligible for AHL bidding!

    Player statuses truly dictate what levels you are eligible for. Below I will try and paint a better picture for everyone, so they understand how our script works.

    Veteran Status
    -24 or more games in the NHL

    Amateur Status
    -LESS than 24 NHL games but MORE than 15 CHL games OR drafted.

    Prospect Status
    -Less than 15 CHL games

    In our correct system with our sign up numbers, Veterans and Amateurs are eligible for NHL-AHL-CHL bidding/games. Whereby our Prospects for S3 will ONLY be CHL eligible. That is extremely important for our new players to remember and keep in mind if they wish to play during S3. I will get into more details about the CHL below!


    The CHL tends to have a bad reputation at times. I think that is simply due to a lack of understanding when it comes to what the CHL means to us a league. On the xbox side, we just were able to separate the CHL completely allowing it to become our development League for the future of the LGHL. That is a HUGE accomplishment. That means we have a stable league, that is now full(60 Teams) and is able to offer a competitive experience for all.

    The common misconception about the structure outlined here in LG is that the goal is that our goal is to have three leagues of equal talent. That isn't the case at all. The goal is to offer three tiers that offers a competitive environment for EVERYONE in those tiers. This system is also set up to ensure the talented players get to move up quicker than other via our entry draft. That is the reward we offer for new guys whom stick out their first season in the CHL. Even with the addition of the ECHL on the Xbox side, the league is ONLY still set up to be a three tiered system. Yes I understand some of the better talent want to skip this process and simply jump to the NHL level, but that isn't how things work here. A talented player has a lot to offer his or her peers in the CHL and that is something we value during our process. The xbox side took nine seasons to grow the CHL from 10 teams to 60 teams and truly bring it to a level of stability that allowed me to separate it into its own brand and truly allow it to be our development league.

    If we look at the bigger picture, and crunch a few numbers, we currently have 1283 players SIGNED up for the PSN league. Keep in mind that NOT EVERYONE on a NHL or AHL roster is listed in that sign up number. BUT, that being said, we do have enough players that we need to consider how can we grow?

    A full NHL and AHL is 1020 players. So RIGHT NOW(two weeks from bidding) where do those other 263 players play? 263 players is ~15 more teams if we break it all down. That is why we are going to put a major push on for CHL managers and to hopefully continue to grow that tier of our League.

    If you are considering becoming a CHL Owner, or already are a CHL owner, keep a few things in mind. Prospect players ARE ONLY CHL ELIGIBLE! What does that mean for you? That means you can recruit and scout and bring new talent and perhaps some friends to LG and enjoy having them as players on your CHL roster for the season and not ever worry about the AHL calling those players up.

    What does that mean for a new player? What better way to showcase your personal skills by taking over a CHL team and playing a complete season in the CHL. Just because you are a CHL manager in S3, doesn't mean you have to be for S4. In fact, S3 CHL Managers, whom are also prospects ARE DRAFT ELIGIBLE! That is the best way for you to bide your time while waiting to be promoted to our higher tiers. That is also a great way for you and a couple of club mates to break into the LGHL and truly make a name for yourself.

    I've always said the CHL has the highest potential to be the most exciting tier. 60 teams makes up three sub-tier leagues(three sets of champions) whom then compete in a champions tournament for the memorial cup. We have new top tie talent using the CHL as a stepping stone as well which allows scouting and recruiting to play a MAJOR factor in being successful! We also could have players whom are on the cuff of making AHL teams work harder in the CHL to try and move their way up the ranks as well!

    Bottom line and my point is for S3, without CHL managers some players wont play. If you are a prospect player, chances are you maybe one of those guys sitting on the fence without games to play. If you have the interest and the time WHY NOT take over a CHL team and allow yourself to enjoy everything LG has to offer?

    Interested players should apply in the thread below for CHL Management!

    If you have any further questions, the Staff has put together a Q&A Thread as well!

    Just be sure to use the site mention feature if you have a question(@username)
    If you forgot here is a list of our S3 PSN Staff
    @birthday_machine @Electronic_J @Hadji @kpy86 @LG McDonald @Man-Bear-Pig @v Sloshy @VileBooey

    Season 3 Timeline

    Right now RFA is underway, so be sure if you are under contract, and wish to change positions you can do so in the thread listed below.


    The NHL Entry Draft is set to start Sept 29th at 8 PM est. That will also be the deadline for a majority of our transactions. That will give us enough time to set up NHL bidding which is scheduled to go live Oct 2nd.

    The season will run nine weeks again, giving us a break for the Christmas holidays from Dec 23 until Jan 1st. We will more than likely reschedule the Thanksgiving Thursday game to earlier that week as well.

    NHL 17 Issues / Discussion On How League Games will Work

    There has been A TON of debate and issues being brought my way in regards to NHL 17. By now a majority of you have realized the "Invite A Friend" feature we used in NHL 16 is also not in the game currently. I'll touch on a few things that I can say, so keep in mind that I am limited on what I know as well as on what I can discuss.

    NHL 17 Issues That I Personal Have Brought Forward to EA:
    -Never ending load for HUT. I personally have this issue as well.
    -Stick Lift not registering or working at all.
    -Stock Jersey glitch that locks you out of EASHL/Drop Ins

    Those are the main concerns that I've seen in the game right now that I personal want to see addressed asap. A majority of the other gamechangers are on board and have brought these issues forward as well.

    Some people have said they had success getting hut to load by switching log ins while it loads? I cannot confirm since I have yet to try that.

    Stick lift has no real fix right now, just try and be mindful its basically a penalty button in my eyes, so train yourself not to use it until its fixed.

    The stock jersey error I got blown up about last night. No one fix right now, but if you haven't heard about this yet DO NOT CHANGE YOUR EASHL JERSEYS TO STOCK JERSEYS! It will freeze your club and lock out. The only real solution is to use a second tag(ironic for me to say publicly)

    All of these things have been pushed up to the DEVs, and I can ensure you the GameChangers will stay on them until we get these issues addressed. I have not personally been given a timeline on when this will be fixed but looking at the seriousness of these issues, it is a very safe assumption to say it will be soon.

    The two really issues that currently affect how we do business here for LG are obviously not having invite a friend, as well as the scoring summary not showing up after a lag out. Once again the severe inconvenience both these issues cause LG are noted by me. I understand more than anyone how important it would be for these issues to be fixed to give us a better quality of League play. I have made several recommendations, and discuss with them on a daily/weekly basis how important these features are to us. I have no timelines or anything to go by at this time, but I am hoping our influence as being the most competitive and active six vs six hockey site on the planet will really help speed up the process and get us what we need and truly deserve.

    That being said, at this time, LG League games will have to be played via EASHL/Club Challenge. Believe me when I say I understand how much of a pain in the ass this is going to be to be. Club is NOT ideal for simulation Leagues at all! All I ask is you bare with me, and stick with me as I continue to push for change and ensure we have the systems and tools we require. Any further questions you can ask me via PM.


    Overall that addresses the majority of the topics people have questions about right now.

    Questions? Let us know!
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