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    Quick Note: The media is for you guys and to hopefully add something to LG. If you have any suggestions i.e. want to see something added to the recap/preview threads, feel free to comment.

    Super 16: #PanthersSZN

    1. :team8: Colorado Avalanche
    They're 7-0-2 and at the top of their division, and their highest paid forward hasn't suited up for a single game yet.
    Miss: Both of their losses have been comeback efforts from the other team. So, need to hold on to 3rd period leads a bit better. maybe.. but they're also 7-0-2 so who cares.

    2. :team11: Edmonton Oilers
    They've allowed just 11 goals this week, a league-best.
    Miss: Powerplay looks a little anemic, converting on just over 11% (2/18 so far).

    3. :team20: Ottawa Senators
    One of the several teams with 7 wins, and the first line is clicking going 3-0 this week which is always a good sign early on in the season.
    Miss: Both losses came to teams below them in the standings in Florida and Boston in what looked like at least even match ups.

    4. :team1: Toronto Maple Leafs
    League-best +15 goal differential through week one, and the 2nd highest FO% in the league.
    Miss: Lose @Taeezster 85 to a ban, so they'll have to replace him.

    5. :team77: Nashville Predators
    The rookie line of @DailySpitz @P3k1ng DuK and @TacTic MaRio goes 3-0, ya love to see it.
    Miss: An absolute stomping gets delivered to the Preds by the Wild in their last game of the week, ya hate to see it.

    6. :team15: San Jose Sharks
    @BlG STlCK NlCK @l 17 l @WelcomeToTheWeb 16-6 en route to a 3-0 week.
    Miss: I have no idea.

    7. :team31: Anaheim Ducks
    A perfect penalty kill (16/16), it's beautiful.
    Miss: 3rd line is giving up too many goals, 12 in 3 games. Going to be hard to win consistently if it continues.

    8. :team74: Carolina Hurricanes
    The trades they made prior to the season starting definitely paid off, and after one week the Hurricanes lead their division.
    Miss: Availability looked bad, maybe, but need to get 3 lines rolling to hopefully continue moving in a positive direction.

    9. :team23: Florida Panthers
    6 wins, 6! More below.
    Miss: @Jelly x 35 line struggled, and the goal differential needs to get better.

    10. :team78: Pittsburgh Penguins
    Most goals scored out of the Metro teams which is good considering they all played each other this week (mostly).
    Miss: 5-3-1 is an ok start, need to get all 3 lines rolling, though.

    11. :team5: Montreal Canadiens
    Outscored opponents 15-7 to start the week 5-0.
    Miss: A good start to the week turned sour as the Canadiens lost the last four games of the week. Also, very low save percentages for their goalies, so maybe too many high-danger opportunities this week as well.

    12. :team2: Boston Bruins
    A decent first week for a team that really needed one. @brandonbramanti and @Dannyy Briere go 3-0 in their first week with the Bruins.
    Miss: Need to find a way to snag an extra point or two in one goal games. Points early on can be huge when it comes down to the dog days of the season.

    13. :team29: Calgary Flames
    They've had a lot of one-goal games and 3-1-2 is good considering sometimes it's almost a 50/50 in those situations.
    Miss: Penalty kill and powerplay could definitely use an improvement at 18% and 66% respectively.

    14. :team3: Saint Louis Blues
    Highest average TOA through one week, so they must just be grinding it out over there in Saint Louis.
    Miss: They have got to score more goals. 15 GA is close to the league's best, but 19 GF isn't going to be good enough consistently regardless of who is on defense.

    15. :team30: Minnesota Wild
    3 games with 6 or more goals this week, when this offense is clicking it's deadly.
    Miss: On the other hand, they've been shut out 3 times this week. In two of those, they allowed 4 and 6 goals. A little consistency would make this team a lot better.

    16. :team10: Detroit Red Wings
    A few good performances from @stillalive06 and @th4 x w4ll stand out. The @cj142 line struggled against Ottawa, but otherwise solid.
    Miss: All the depth players need to be better. Then again, they're 5-4 which isn't necessarily bad, but they're whole division beat up on Tampa so it almost looks below average.

    Rookie of the Week:

    :team74: @Lorenzo x 24 (LW)
    Have to give it to Lorenzo. Most points among rookies with 11, 2nd most goals with 7, and he's a huge part of the Canes solid first week. He's with long-time linemate @rG Breezyy and has had @Pabst 19 as the RW for two games, but I don't think that diminishes what a nice week this was.

    Surprise of the Week:

    :team23: Florida Panthers
    The Panthers definitely seem less talented all-around than last season, but many teams are mainly because it's summer. Regardless, they went out and captured 6 wins in their first week. Some strong performances from, notably, the @sh4rpshooterrr @Lethalsniper007 line and @King Natzu in net. Let's not declare them a playoff team or anything, but a good first week always boosts morale.

    IRL "Awards"

    Brandon Pirri "Let Me Shoot It" Award

    for a lot of goals and a lot less apples
    @Go Bar South23 (8 goals and 1 assist in Week 1)

    Sam Gagner "Scoresheet" Award
    for a recording a buttload of points in a game (also played on the West coast last season)
    @xNazzy19x (for 6/13/18, 12 points in 14-2 win over Buffalo)

    Bobby Farnham "Wrecking Ball" Award
    for racking up a bunch of hits in a game and adding a little offense
    @Foote (for 6/11/18, 10 hits and 2 goals in 2-1 win over Boston)

    Anthony Cirelli "Best Call Up" Award
    for contributing to the parent team's success
    @Gumba l11l (3-0 with 8 points in Week 1 as an ECU)

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    Awesome right up man! Love to see these surprise, but it was just week 1 preds got lucky asf !
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    Lmao can we talk to the scorekeeper to get that assist removed? I don’t do assists