S33 Hart Trophy Finalists

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Who Should Win the Hart

  1. Arctic Blur

  2. Ksw

  3. Stifmeister x 7

  4. xXDR3AMK1LL3RXx

  5. Lorenzo x 24

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    The Hart Memorial Trophy, originally known as the Hart Trophy, is awarded annually to the "player judged most valuable to his team "in the National Hockey League(NHL). The original trophy was donated to the league in 1923 by David Hart, the father of Cecil Hart, the longtime head coach of the Montreal Canadiens. The Hart Trophy has been awarded 92 times to 56 different players since its beginnings in 1924. Each year, members of the Professional Hockey Writers' Association vote to determine the player who was the most valuable to his team during the regular season.

    It was extremely difficult to narrow down the finalists and there were plenty of players deserving we apologize in advance if you feel there are any snubs but in terms of being the Most Valuable Player to their respected team we decided that these players were the most deserving.

    Criteria To Consider:
    Playoff Teams: Rangers, Flyers, Devils ,Hurricanes, Canadiens, Maple Leafs, Bruins, Senators, Blues, Avalanche, Wild, Ducks, Kings, Sharks, Predators, Coyotes.

    Bubble Teams: Lightning, Penguins,

    Non Playoff Teams: Blue Jackets, Red Wings, Panthers, Islanders, Flames
    Capitals, Islanders, Flames, Panthers, Blackhawks, Knights,
    Stars, Jets, Oilers, Canucks

    When dissecting the games played we also took into account the Strength of Lines a player played and ranked the Lines 1-4

    1- Top Line
    2- Above Average Line
    3- Average Line
    4- Below Average Line

    :team77: @Arctic Blur

    17-7-3 60 Points, 17G 43 A +16 20PIM 52.9 FO% 101 TA 193 TO
    Playoff Teams Played 17 Non-Playoff Teams 10
    Record Vs Playoff Teams 10-5-2 9 goals 24 Assists 1.9 PPG
    Record Vs Non-Playoff Teams 7-1-2 8 goals 19 Assist 2.7 PPG

    Record By Strength of Line

    1 4-0

    2 5-3

    3 6-4-3

    4 2-0

    After ending S31 as the General Manager of the Colorado Avalanche, Arctic Blur became the owner of the Nashville Predators for S32. Blur led the Predators in scoring with 60 points, 7 points higher than the next closest Predator, where nearly half came in a wild 8 game win streak where he put up 25 points. His 17 wins rank 2nd on the team, and his 43 assists rank 1st on the Predators and 6th in the league. He also set a personal best with 101 takeaways which was the 5th most among forwards in the NHL. Arctic Blur factored into a team-high 78% of the goals scored when he was in the lineup. Blur was expected to perform at a high level both offensively and defensively as Nashville’s top center and did so propelling the Predators into the first wildcard of the Western

    :team8: @Ksw

    20-7-1 75 Points 45G 30A +45 22PIM 48.8FO% 50 TA 235 TO 50 TA
    Playoff Teams Played 13 Non-Playoff teams 15
    Record Vs Playoff Teams 9-3-1 17G 15A 2.4 PPG
    Record Vs Non-Playoff Teams 11-4-0 28G 15A 2.8 PPG

    Record By Stength of Line

    1- 2-1-1

    2- 6-2

    3- 10-3

    4- 2-1

    KSW returns to the Colorado Avalanche for S32 after being traded to Colorado at the trade deadline in S31. KSW set many personal bests as well as led the Avalanche in several categories.
    His 75 points and 45 goals led the Avs by a large margin as well as blowing out his previous personal bests and finishing 6th in the league in both categories.
    His +45 and 101 goals for when he was in the lineup both led the Avalanche and ranked in the top 10 in the NHL.
    Winning 20 games and contributing on nearly 75% of the goals scored adds a bit more evidence to just how much of an offensive force Colorado was when KSW was in the lineup.
    KSW was a key cog in one of the league's most potent offenses during the regular season which allowed the Avalanche to secure home-ice in the first two rounds of the playoffs and place 2nd in the
    Central Division behind the Presidents' Trophy winners.

    :team2: @Stifmeister x 7


    57 goals

    22 assists


    4 Pim

    Playoff Teams








    Record By Line Strength

    1 4-1-0

    2 8-3-1

    3 8-1-0

    4 2-0 -0

    As usual the French Phenom Stifmeister x 7 was absolutely dominant leading the charge for the Bruins. His 79 points secured him the Art Ross Trophy and 57 goals was enough for him to also lock up the Rocket, I guess you can say he had a pretty good season. Over the course of the season he practically played with every player to wear the black and gold this season and the only consistent for him was lighting up whoever stood in his way. If there was a game Boston needed to win Stiff was going to be the guy to get them the W and unfortunately sitting Stiff in a game 7 may have costed Boston a shot at the cup.

    :team7: @xXDR3AMK1LL3RXx


    15 points

    2 Goals

    13 Assist


    85 TA

    -115 TA/GA

    Playoff Team








    1 7-2-0

    2 7-1-2

    3 8-0-1

    4 0-0-0

    Dream as a rookie has proven himself to be one of the better dmen in this league. When Nj needed a win he was a lock to be in the game. As you can see he didn’t have many easy matchups this season and plain and simple got the job done only being part of 2 games where the opposition scored more than 3 goals and one of those games was an overtime loss. Dreams success was monumental for New Jersey being the only true LD on the roster after Peteymac had to remove himself from LG. When it comes to X factors for New Jersey it would be extremely hard to argue that his play wasn’t significant to New Jersey getting into the playoffs.

    :team5: @Lorenzo x 24


    40 Goals

    30 Assists


    4 Pim

    Playoff Teams




    Non Playoff




    Record By Line Strength
    1- 4-2-0
    2- 4-1-1
    3- 10-1-1
    4- 4-2-0

    After coming off a season that saw Lorenzo tear off 19 wins while leading Colorado to a deep playoff run the unexpected happened when Lorenzo and his right hand man Breezy were shipped of to Montreal to start S32. Lorenzo is one of the most dynamic left wings in the game and if you give him time he will burn you. He finished the season with a ridiculous 35.4 shooting % while carrying Montreal’s 2nd line. Like KSW he may not have been the best player on the team but in terms of value there isn’t many players in the league more valuable than a 70 point guy that can anchor a 2nd line.

    Thank you everybody who helped with this writeup and gave their input especially @Magneto98x who did most of the work!
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