Schaefa’s Power Rankings(Remastered)

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    I know y’all are hyped to see the return of the greatest power rankings ever to be assembled even though they aren’t even power rankings XD

    1. :team307:
    - These guys are too good maybe the best all time. They are deep every especially LW where they have Schaefa the GOAT... great to see him back in Manitoba where Nxgi got him last year #RIPNxgi but all in all, Schaefa is on this team so they are #1

    2. :team395:
    - Schaefa played here so they have to be number 2 also he won a cup here. This team has the carrying King @im just a squid. They would be one but they lack the god @Doc Status

    3. :team515:
    - Schaefa played here long ago also along side NXGOD so they are 3

    4. :team300:
    - Schaefa was here once for 5 minutes but those were the best 5 minutes in the history of this storied franchise

    5. :team301:
    - Schaefa beat them in a cup so they get the 5 spot since they were worthy enough to play him in the big game. Yes it's a new roster but it's still the logo that counts

    6. :team315:
    - Schaefa played here once too with the great ones Mr Sawse and Lan soooo they get 6

    7. :team392:
    - It was lit on the Ice Caps, when were last and had a team of blind kids. But don't worry the savior SchaefNazty was on the team

    8. :team352:
    - this was his first AHL team and they did the great Schaefa dirty and traded him at deadline

    9. :team27:
    - This is where Schaefa got his biggies start with the no name @RoWsKi. He carried this would be Vezina winner to a playoff spot with @Brisan66

    10. :team317:
    - Because they told me too @PROfesser waLshand I love @The Broche and @SetoGucci like two gay fathers

    11. :team77:
    Schaefa played with @Danky here and showed his true stick skills

    12. :team303:
    He was traded here and rejected their calls and didn't play for them. That's how a GOAT does it tho. Gets banned and goes out on top. But have no fear the legend Schaefsanity will return to smash pussy.

    13. :team617:
    SchaefGod played here for maybe 2 seconds and they entered him in games that he didn't even play but fuck it, gotta be on here bc GOAT status

    14. :team20:
    This team once bid him up for close to 3 million, that was a mistake. They need to pay this guy at least 10 million to stick around. He left in the preseason and went on to rock so
    me more pussy in the biggies

    15. :team3:
    Yea so he’s back and is at another position besides LW for the first time ever since he played G for Pro Series, the legendary Schaefsanity is here to smash pussy, eat ass, and reclaim the GOAT status by bringing a chip back to STL and the bois. It’s simple he hates you all and is playing to prove that and show his lack of virginity.

    16. :team302:

    Well it happened, the sexiest line ever assembled has formed. Sawse, Rowski, and Schaefa are gonna be unreal when it comes to sex appeal on the ice. Schaefas presence in the chat box and in party chat is gonna run this league crazy, and Rowski and Sawse will just carry the play. Gonna be an unreal scene.

    Side note: This might be my first seasoned not banned since S27, no promises tho. And I mean regardless I’m still a legend.

    I thank everyone who was apart of my journey and wish you all the best. I'm the greatest all time, never forget.

    @RoWsKi is a bitch

    Negi stay being a bitch

    @Brisan66 smells

    @im just a squid is too sexy for words

    @Doc Status i didn't forget you this time

    @Draisaitl 29 Dynasty

    #DicksOut #FreeNxgi #BanMO3T #SchaefNazty #FreeSawse #MaximumOverdrive
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    Not enough goats or P guins mentioned here
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    God i love this work of art
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