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    Season 13 No Management List

    * Anyone banned Season 12 LGHL PSN

    * Anyone banned Season 34 LGHL (Xbox)

    * Anyone returning from a Capital Punishment is ineligible to manage until an appeal is granted by the League Commissioner

    *Anyone returning from a League ban is ineligible to manage their first season back.

    * Staff reserves the right to add a player to the list if deemed necessary.

    * If you would like to discuss your placement on the No Management List, you can send a private message to

    LGHL PSN : @OdessaSteps
    LGAHL PSN: @kudlacik1
    LGCHL PSN: @Im_Kreaky


    Lying to Staff


    S6 2nd Tag

    multiple 2nd tag

    @Drewl24l (Formerly @Full_melt707 )

    S8 - S9 Website Conduct


    Website Conduct

    @Hypernov- (a.k.a. @iHyPeR_97)

    S6 2nd Tag


    S11 Website Conduct


    Website Conduct

    @nhlfan1345 (@hockey1355/ @austinchiasson00 / @larkin7113)

    S6 2nd Tag HCF .


    S11 Share Account

    Website conduct

    @p0itraz2z/ @Kush418_QC / @Qc_illuminati420/ @jnh5hpbtda79

    S6 2nd Tag


    s11 Poor Management Skill

    @VivaLePwnage (Formerly @Tehh__Pwnerer)

    (S11) Website Conduct


    s11 Poor Management Skill

    went MIA


    (S11) Poor Management Skills


    (S11) Website Conduct


    S9-S10 Conduct


    S10 Conduct

    @Scy-93 (@g0ThTi-ddyMi-lk- Formerly@D-i-l-d-o--Bike)

    Website conduct


    poor management skills

    Hotel California:

    @B4Dn3wsJER3 (formerly @xDarts-_-23 )

    Multiple Accounts, S8 Website Conduct

    @JDM_LeGzz-23 (formerly @DufOurmick)

    Poor Management Skills(S11)


    Poor Management Skills(S11)

    Website Conduct(S11)


    S6 Website Conduct

    Threatening Staff


    Website Conduct


    2nd Tagging

    @SickThumbz (Formerly @yeeyee_dipper)

    Website Conduct


    Habitual Quitter

    Website Conduct

    @Foster (formerly @Fostxr)

    Website Conduct

    @HeyMysticMac (formerly @MysticMac_IRE)

    Involved w/2nd Tag


    Involved w/2nd Tag - Poor Management Skill


    S7 Capital offense punishment, Website Conduct

    @Jaqueezy27 (formerly @Yung Jaq)

    Website Conduct

    @KMAC5 (formerly @KMcDonald_24)

    Involved w/2nd Tag, Website Conduct

    @dangleslikemitch (formerly @kevinhesspschamp)

    Website Conduct


    Account issues


    Account Issues

    @o2pho3n1x (Formerly @osphoenix)

    Website issue


    S11 Share Account In the playoff s12 also

    @Serpe x 13

    Website Conduct

    @TheLastRecluse5 (formerly @NeutralityEleven)

    Inappropriate Conduct


    Really Poor Management


    S8 Really Poor Management Skill

    keep having issue S11


    S7 Lying to Staff (2nd Offense)

    Really Poor Management Skill

    @LaFamiglia15 (formerly @MafiaMan15)

    * Just a shitty person


    Threats Against Staff

    management discord conduct

    @x Tka c h uk 19

    Capital Punishment

    Website conduct


    Website Conduct

    @BigSniper-25 (aka T--o--M--M---y)

    Conduct unbecoming
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