Season 14 TOTT, TOTS, NOTS, & Awards

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    Another successful season in the books. Firstly, a big congratulations to Chelsea for winning the league title and for Manchester United for winning the FA Cup! With that being said, let's get into the awards!

    Before we get to TOTS, we must first take a look at the NOTS, honors for those who maybe didn't have their best moments.


    Ball Hog - TTV-TheManBerto - Awarded to the player with the worst possession loss stats. Although there were players who lost the ball more overall, Berto lost the ball way more than anyone else on a per game basis, losing the ball over 8 times a game.

    Swiss Cheese - Awarded to the keeper with the worst save percentage (minimum of 14 games). This year's winner is BroadwayCJ97, saving just 50% of the shots he faced. The previous two winners of this award retired from keeper after receiving it, just saying...

    Secret Agent - Awarded to the player with the worst successful pass percentage (minimum of 14 games). This year's winner with just 61.5% successful passing is TTV-TheManBerto, making it a brace for the young BOG!

    Old Lady - Awarded to the defender with the worst successful tackle percentage (minimum of 14 games). This year's winner is vonnagy with just 12 successful tackles on 83 attempts from CB and FB! Special shoutout to your boy djalbanian for 12 successful tackles on 149 attempts from an attacking position.

    Mr. Impotence - Awarded to the player with the worst goals to shots ratio (minimum of 20 shots). This year's winner is xxMorra scoring just 1 goal on 26 shots. Former teammate TTV-TheManBerto almost finished with the NOTS hat trick, but scored a couple late in the season to avoid our first triple winner.

    Moldy Bread - Awarded to the player with the worst combined stats for their value. This year's winner is the second S13 TOTS winner to fall from grace, MauAlva05. Great things were expected after the 18.5M bid, but the stat line is quite solidly "meh".

    Ronald Koeman - Formerly the David Moyes, this is awarded to the Owner with the most managerial performance during the season. In a season marked by multiple fines, suspensions, and failure to properly communicate how many legs the knockout cup game was to his team, this year's winner is long time owner Cosminnn4.

    Team of the Tournament
    Now for the real award winners, first up is the Team of the Tournament, highlighting the best players from the FA Cup.


    ST - Infinite-sV - Manchester United
    ST - icymigue - Wolves
    ST - xSJ_9 - Liverpool
    CAM - AchiIIes-sV - Manchester United
    CDM - PghsFinestQcoB - Liverpool
    CDM - youssefzooki - Manchester United
    WM - Daattoo - Manchester United
    CB - Mayor_35 - Chelsea
    CB - manleyFGC - Leicester City
    CB - Moblasi - Tottenham
    GK - EL_CHAMO31 - Leicester City

    Team of the Season
    Now for the big one.. this season's best players from league play!


    ST - cupid55 - Chelsea
    ST - infinite-sv - Manchester United
    ST - Thunderaxx_ - Tottenham
    CAM - AchiIIes-sV - Manchester United
    WM - Mina_ronaldo1975 - Manchester United
    CDM - TENNESSEE-B - Manchester City
    CDM - Mo0odi-992 - Chelsea
    CB - The_Blind_Ref - Wolves
    CB - Goes171 - Everton (probably carried by guardado tbh)
    CB - The_CheeseMan88 - Manchester City
    GK - Armando_3266 - Everton

    ST - Bhooper182 - Liverpool
    CDM - Mvrgielv - Tottenham
    CDM - Z-69-C-del-G - Everton
    CB - manleyFGC - Leicester City
    CB - bushforprez1 - Wolves
    FB - Dloww-_- - Everton
    GK - SIMPLY_LOCO_ - Tottenham

    Finally, let's look at this season's award winners

    Ballon d'Or - cupid55 - Chelsea
    With 31 goals, 10 assists, and a league title under his belt, who else could it be? Another fantastic season from cupie.

    Golden Gloves - Armando_3266 - Everton
    With 52 saves and a save percentage of nearly 80%, Armando continues to be a wall in net

    Golden Boot - cupid55 - Chelsea
    31 goals in 27 games continues cupie's impressive run in LGFA, winning the award by 10 goals.

    Assist Leader - AchiIIes-sV - Manchester United
    Typically playing anywhere and everywhere in the midseason in previous seasons, Achilles took the CAM role by the horns this season and highlighted himself as a solid distributor of the ball, tallying 14 assists and winning by 3 assists in a tight race.

    Rookie of the Year - Mvrgielv - Tottenham
    A TOTS bench nod in his first season in LGFA, hopefully the first of many to come!

    Swiss Army Knife - Mina_ronaldo1975 - Manchester United
    It seemed like he was in a different position each week, still winning multiple TOTWs and a TOTS starting spot at wide mid.

    Franz Beckenbauer - The_CheeseMan88 - Manchester City
    This season had loads of solid CBs, but Cheese pulled away from the pack, with impressive numbers all around. A true wall of cheese.

    And that's all folks! Congratulations to all our winners.

    On a personal note, I will be retiring from the Stats Team. It's not always been easy, but nothing worth doing ever is.
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