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    Since this season is so spicy and has a lot of new owners, I thought I give it a try for predictions since It will be hard to predict how this season plays out. Most of the primary targets are assigned so those predictions won't matter by the time TCs get assigned (me one of them lol ), so let's get this started.

    Just a piece of advice to anyone reading this, I love you all, these are just personal opinions and I am not an expert or anything but I am just spicing things up with wild predictions from my own perspective.

    I don't like to explain my decisions a lot but starting up with RC Strasbourg at 10th Place:

    I am seeing this team as a potential mid-table team but I don't see the necessary firepower for them to fight it, I could be wrong but acquiring a good striker like Magic Leo can change a lot about what I just said, don't see this team climbing above 9th at best but I am putting them at 10th.

    Comes next, OGC Nice at 9th Place:

    This team was hard to rank. Simply put because I see a lot of good names but I still don't believe they are up there with the rest of the teams, this team is a dilemma because they can easily get mid-table ranking but I am trusting my Instincts at 9th.

    Up Next, Angers SCO at 8th Place:

    Led by my good old friend, Wing, I like how aggressive he was in bidding, getting lots of good players, and pushing for a good team, I see many good names and this team I feel will surprise me this season but I don't see them pushing up too much since I don't see them having good options up top, I could be wrong but that's where I feel they are at.

    Coming up, FC Bordeaux at 7th Place:

    This is where the rankings start to get hectic and hard to predict as this team will be one of the most tactical out of all. Cosminn is one of the most experienced owners this season and will be a serious headache to most teams because he always gets his players and knows how to organize on the field but I see them lacking a lot defensively, I know they are a good team and very deadly up top with Saboteur but my guts say they will finish 7th.

    Coming up, Olympique de Marseille at 6th Place:

    This team was tricky to place, purely because not many known names but I see some nice veterans and I am confident they can pull off 6th Place, not much to say about them so I'll leave it at that.

    Coming up, Olympique Lyonnais at 5th Place:

    I like this team, I like the names and Spicy Icy up top along with a deadly CDM like Robinou. Many good names as well including Type , clutch and Busbinovic , I like where I am placing this team and they should annoy everyone with this attack.

    Coming up, Stade Rennais F.C. at 4th Place:

    This team is owned by my good friend destiny along with Guardado and pluto, some nice names and top that with a huge signing like Infinite ( he still sucks ) but in all seriousness, they got a very very good CAM/ST along with many good names, this team could push all the way to the top and I see them having nice games with this squad.

    Keep in mind this next segment are all title contenders , so it doesn't matter where I place them along with my predictions but I am expecting one of these will pull off the title.

    Coming up at 3rd Place, LOSC Lille:

    Man, this team gives me all kinds of vibes, everyone on this team is good, a very good keeper, and my man gosling in the MID , yeah I am very confident this team will be pushing for the title but I am placing them 3rd because that's how I feel they'll end up.

    Coming up at 2nd Place, Paris Saint-Germain:

    The top 2 Rankings are always hard to distinguish between 2 amazing teams , I mean PSG's squad speaks for itself , they have very good names all around and they got Mr.Athletic who will fight for alot of goals this season as well , they can easily get this title but I am putting them second.

    Lastly at 1st Place, AS Monaco FC:

    This is where I could be all wrong but this team includes some top names as well , Silva , dattoo , thunder , achilles , cupid and manley , this is a very bold prediction but I think this team will be the top contenders for the title , I could be wrong and PSG can get this title , its a close call between both teams but I am leaning towards Monaco as Season 16 Winners
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