Please VOTE! Season 21 Power Rankings Post Bidding: West

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Who do you think will Finish #1 in the West?

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  1. Rockets

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  2. Nugs

    8 vote(s)
  3. Thunder

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  4. Kings

    3 vote(s)
  5. T'Wolves

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  6. Lakers

    5 vote(s)
  7. Blazers

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    FYI these are rankings put together by a committee of players from multiple teams in the league, they are also comprised of the opinions of every Manager and Owner in the League who chose to participate. As always if you’re not happy with your teams ranking, kick some ass and prove the rankings wrong. That being said let’s get right into it.

    These are rankings based on teams’ rosters after bidding:

    1) Huston Rockets :team87:

    The consensus number 1 seed in the west, @MINICHUD MASON & @D Andoo99 have teamed up to try and take a shot at some valuable hardware this season, Mason being a 2nd Team All NBA last season. But when you have names as big as theirs in the league its tough to get every guy you want in bidding so their roster looks a little bit different this season than most had expected, their main signing was @Sam F N STACKS , 1st team all NBA last season and absolute veteran of the league with a career 124-58 record, this was their guy and they probably got him for a bit of a steal to be honest. Now that they had their big 3 they went after a number of role players to help fill out their lineup, guys like @CKxWhalefan26 , @Txpsy v2 , @lx drewx xl & @II HyDr0 ll who all have experience in the league, but the big question for this team is going to be the exact same one that the Heat and Nuggets had last season, there’s 0 doubt that they will have one of the best lines in the league, but will they have a serviceable 2nd line, something that both teams lacked last season.

    Earn it – SAM F N STACKS $5mil Worth it – lx Drewx xl $500k

    2) Denver Nuggets :team84:

    With arguably the best bidding out of any team in the league you really have to hand it to @Schizostone , he went into bidding with a strategy and shot them into contending for a championship this season, he started with the free contract for @OG GrandPoppa and managed to get what could be some absolute steals this season. @ll Bandana ll & @CPT84 (who might be the biggest steal of bidding)both had monster seasons in Phoenix last season and went completely under the radar, they have a couple of new players in the league but like any owner have a lot of confidence that they will be able to produce this season. After they had their core they took sights at some of the big names in bidding and managed to get a couple of guys that may just give them the deepest roster in the league with @SosaOnFire & @Gill x 23 . The real challenge for them right now will be getting these guys playing together and have some chemistry for when the season starts, if they can get out to a hot start they may never look back.

    Earn it – SosaOnFire $4.24mil Worth it – CPT84 $1mil

    3) Oklahoma City Thunder :team373:

    Looking to bounce back after a tough last season @Two Lag Shots & @WoE PaniX were another one of the teams who shot up their teams stock in bidding, much like the Nuggets they’re another team you could argue had the best bidding overall. Getting 3 players from a borderline unbeatable Knicks line that won the championship last year @Raynor , @I Murked I & @Dangs92 are all very valuable pieces that they managed to get for a very good price at $7mil combined, they managed to get some role guys like @IxGOTxDAxSAUCE , @Ricky is MVP & @JEFFERS426 for good prices. This team already has chemistry together from guys playing last year but the one thing to keep an eye on is how serviceable their second line will be, they could have some good depth but how far will they be able to go up the leaderboards right now is hard to tell. I should point out that the gap between the Thunder, Kings and T’Wolves is very close and these teams are pretty interchangeable in the 3,4&5 spot.

    Earn it – @NfldTim $3.25mil Worth it – l Murked l $1mil

    4) Sacramento Kings :team102:

    @LockDownJesus & @SpotJr25 were both on the Marquette team that won the NCAA championship last season, and were both on the 1st All American Team as well, they are without a doubt the biggest Darkhorse coming into this season. Their two big free agent signings during bidding @EveryThingNike1 @TNTxFlacco are both huge names with even bigger price tags, these are two players that are going to have to be the focal point of their offence and are going to have a lot of weight to carry. @JBizzleDaKing was a steal for them in free agency, played on that same Marquette team, was their #1 pick for the top PG position on their team, but beyond that this team is really unproven, it’s filled with guys from that Marquette team like @GodGunn & @MH Brazy and a couple of faces that are brand new to the league. It’s a fantastic narrative though, we get to see how the top team from the NCAA last season can fare in the NBA, without a doubt the team to watch in the west. Welcome to the league boys.

    Earn it – TNTxFlacco $5.75mil Worth it – JbizzleDaKing $500k

    This team kind of just came out of nowhere,

    5) Minnesota Timberwolves :team94:

    Another team that is a huge tossup coming into this season, @HBB Rise & @CubsCrusher14 did a great job during bidding to get their HBB guys and should look to have a deep roster going into the season with the question being how good will their game 5 line be. Stealing a guy like @xRICKOSHAY who was a shining star in Utah last year for the price they did was huge, beyond that they managed to get a great player in @A Sniper13 for a bargain price as well, so they definitely had their share of steals. Though it wasn’t all positive for them, there are guys like @Otto CG & @BrokeBoysLLC that will have to earn their contracts this season for sure, and @Slaugh3rHousE will need to have a big bounce back year after a terrible season 20 if he ends up running the point for them this season. With this team you’re going to be facing a good line no matter who they put out, but the big question will be what’s the ceiling on their game 5 lineup, can they beat a top tier lineup? Also just to reiterate, spots 3,4&5 in the West are very close if not interchangeable, it’ll be curious to see if any team can manage to pull away.

    Earn it – xRickoshay $5mil Worth it – A Sniper $1mil

    6) Los Angeles Lakers :team90:

    Another team with a low start but a big chance of moving up is the Lakers, @KhoreyHouks has been literally everywhere you could think of on the LG site but success hasn’t seemed to follow him everywhere which is why I have them at 6, with @Karl X Malowned in that same boat, these S20 Jazz players have a lot to prove this season. They got what could be an absolute steal with @RiCo505 in bidding who was the #1 PG in Miami last season finishing 17-5 with 19 ppg and 7apg, if they can lean on him to head that first line with @Beardo526 they could be an interesting team to watch out for. The thing to watch out for is how those Utah guys who struggled last season try to turn it around in season 21. A couple of other notable guys that got in on 500k contracts that could help contribute include @YAS1K & @ocus10 guys who were on a couple of teams scouting boards and have the chance to prove themselves now.

    Earn it – Beardo $4.5mil Worth it – RiCo505 $2mil

    7) Portland Trailblazers :team101:

    If you don’t really know what to think of Portland right now, think of the 76ers, this is a team of guys that all seem to know each other who want to come into the league and prove that they’re good enough to win some games this season, and their management @WiliestJester56 & @Pr1me Dime are very confident when they talk about their odds. There is no exaggeration going on here either, every single player on their roster is brand new to LG and the LGBA, so because there is so little known about these guys, their abilities and seeing as no one has seemed to match up with them yet consensus has them at the #7 spot for now, but keep an eye out because that could change very quickly come week 1.

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