Please VOTE! Season 21 Power Rankings Week 1- West

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Who's your wildcard team in the West?

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  1. Lakers

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  2. T'Wolves

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  3. Blazers

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  4. Thunder

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    1- Sacramento Kings :team102:

    This was the team to keep an eye on and they took those expectations and ran with them finishing the week 5-1, this is a very dangerous team that absolutely no one will be taking lightly for the rest of the season, even with their two ff wins they still rank among some of the top teams in the league in points and are the #1 team in the league in terms of point differential. You have to give a huge shoutout to their management, they went out and got two big games to compliment their championship squad from the NCAA last season, with the biggest shoutout going to @FlaccoOnFire who earned every penny of his 5.75mil contract on both sides of the ball, without a doubt cementing himself as the #1 SG in the league moving forward. The question for this team moving forward will be how well can they compete against the top teams in the league and they’re in for a test as they might have the toughest schedule in the league next week.

    Week 1 MVP- @FlaccoOnFire 2-1 31pts 4.3ast 4.7stl 68%fg

    Surprise Player of the Week- @SpotJr25 2-0 23ppg 17.5reb 6.5ast 3blb 89%fg

    2- Los Angeles Lakers :team90:

    Without a doubt the surprise of the week in the West the Lakers came out and took advantage of every team that underestimated them sneaking into that #2 spot at 4-2, are there going to be questions about whether this team deserves to be here? Whether they had an “easy” schedule? They don’t matter, when you go out and steal wins from the Rockets and Nuggets you earn your spot on the leaderboards. The Lakers will get their chance to cement themselves as a legitimate contender in the league next week as a majority of their games are against teams lower than them in the standings. The question for this team going forward is the same for a lot of teams in the league, can they put together a top line to compete with the top lines in the league and how will teams adjust knowing now that throwing your second line out against the Lakers is not going to be a smart idea.

    Week 1 MVP- @YAS1K 2-0 14.5ppg 14.5reb 4.5ast 3.5stl 3.5blk 78%fg

    Surprise Player of the Week- @Karl X Malowned 2-0 23ppg 1.5stl 85%fg

    3- Denver Nuggets :team84:

    One of the two teams with very high expectations coming into the week who severely underperformed, everything that could have gone wrong for the Nuggets this week did, having to ff a game, dropping games to two top lineups and finishing the week with a 3-3 record. There is upside for the Nugs though, they pulled off an impressive win against a very strong Rockets line, and easy fixes going into next week can easily help them move back up in the standings. They have a schedule this week that could find them with the opportunity to win a lot of games if they can come into the week swinging, their toughest test will most likely be their final game of the week against the Bulls. The question for this team will be consistency, they might have the deepest roster in the league but if they can bring it game in and game out, they’ll continue to struggle. This week we saw a glimpse of what OG can do and if he can continue to improve, he’s going to be a problem for every team he faces, still not sure if he’s worth a free contract though.

    Week 1 MVP- @OG GrandPoppa 2-1 24ppg 7.7ast 3stl 58%fg

    Surprise Player of the Week- @CPT84 2-1 14.3ppg 1.3stl 63%fg

    4- Huston Rockets :team87:

    Probably the biggest surprise of week 1 had to be Huston, the consensus #1 seed in the West going into the season, there’s no doubt that they have one of the best lines in the league but just like last season Minichud neglected putting together a second line and its already coming back to haunt them. So the same questions from last season come back up, how far can their first line take them, with a loss to the Nuggets they’ve shown that they’re not as dominant as some may think. Do they split up the lines in an attempt to get some more wins per week or do they leave their second line out to dry and try to power through with their first unit? They finished the week 3-3 with a notable win against the Raps second line but dropped a close one against the Nuggets first, their schedule doesn’t get any easier next week as they’ll have one of the tougher weeks in the league, lets see how/if they adjust.

    Week 1 MVP- @D Andoo99 3-1 27.8ppg 11.5ast 6.5stl 69%fg

    Surprise Player of the Week- @HitEmUpPat 0-2 12.5ppg 14reb 3.5ast 57%fg

    5- Minnesota T’Wolves :team94:

    A slow start to the week and big scare for the T’Wolves was turned around after they got a bail out in competition in their last 3 games of the week finishing 3-3, that being said this team is not out of the woods yet, they dropped games against the Thunder and Blazers who are the only two teams that sit below them in the West. Their management has already acknowledged this as they made some huge moves that they’re hoping can help them solidify their lines but at this point this team’s season is already starting to fall apart, they need to make some changes quickly. The question for this team is the same as most of the basement teams in the league, what kind of team are they going to be and will they make the necessary choices to help them hop into that last playoff spot in the West. They have a week coming up where they’ll only face teams with equal or better record than themselves, this will be a huge test for the T’Wolves.

    Week 1 MVP- @Swift Solstice 2-1 24.7ppg 58%fg

    Surprise Player of the Week- @xRICKOSHAY 2-2 16.3ppg 10.3ast 3stl 44%fg

    6- Portland Trail Blazers :team101:

    Even after the first week of the season this team is still a huge question mark, they don’t look like an out of the blue contender but they also might not be the basement team that most have them at right now, it doesn’t help when you ff your first two games of the season but judging by the teams they were playing they may not have had too much of a chance anyways. This team won both games this week that they had a chance of winning and finished the week 2-4 which is more than a couple of teams can say, the Blazers could very well still be a wildcard for that final playoff spot in the west if they can show up to their games and compete. The question is the caliber of their top line, how good of a lineup can they compete with and who could they upset?

    Week 1 MVP- @Unkipazinpi 2-2 12.3ppg 4ast 4.5stl 76%fg

    Surprise Player of the Week- ^

    7- OKC Thunder :team373:

    Wow, just wow. If there’s one thing you can say right now its this, don’t count out the Thunder just yet, they’re a team that has clearly stumbled out of the gate and got blown out by teams that were just clearly more prepared in the Bulls and Nets and they now find themselves at 1-5 to start the season. Also handing over 2 ff wins doesn’t help the cause too much, hopefully this had to do with it being Halloween and not their players giving up on the season already. The question for this team is pretty obvious, can they bounce back, you flip two of those losses and they’re right in the thick of it, so don’t count them out just yet. They have two players in Murked and Raynor that they need to build a lineup around to win as many games a week as they can, then hope that their second line can steal them some wins.

    Week 1 MVP- @I Murked I 1-3 21.5ppg 10.3ast 59%fg

    Surprise Player of the Week(not in a good way)- @WoE PaniX 1-1 4.5ppg 1.5ast 38%fg
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