Season 22 Award Predictions - via Two Lag Shots

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    I asked the Owner and GM of each team who they thought will win the following awards this year. The results below are not a representation of what I believe, but a calculated ranking of the answers I received from the managers. Managers were allowed to vote for their own players as they saw fit. Managers who voted for only their players were not taken into consideration. There were multiple ties for runner ups so the ties were broken by a staff member. (For Most Improved the BoG could not decide between the two players so the tie remained).

    MVP- @OG GrandPoppa
    Runner Up- @D Andoo99

    DPOY- @th4 x w4ll
    Runner Up- @Raynor

    Most Improved Player- @Torched Xans
    Runner Up- 2 Way Tie… @BennyBvckets , @Two Lag Shots

    Season 22 Champions- Nuggets
    Runner Up- Pistons

    Rookie of the Year- @SnypEdaKILLA
    Runner Up- @SWAGGYxFRESH954

    Scoring Champion (Total Points)- @OG GrandPoppa
    Runner Up- @D Andoo99

    Manager of the Year- @OG GrandPoppa
    Runner Up- @Witman x 19
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