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    Welcome everyone to the first “deputy commish and staff power rankings' '. This took some time to put together and a lot of research and deep looks into each team both skill/depth/chemistry and management. All factored into these rankings. So let's get straight into it shall we?


    ATL- The duo of @Witman x 19 and @Easy Macaroni are taking a team this year. Last year both were starters on the 2nd place team the Toronto Raptors. Mac started out as the AGM then took the GM spot after the spot was vacant. Witman took the AGM spot during that same time. I asked Witman what his team's bidding strategy was. He said "Bidding strategy was pretty simple. We knew we needed a good PG and that was priority number 1. We needed one of the top 3 pgs on the board and we definitely did that. Then we had a few other guys in mind that we needed under a certain price and we achieved what we needed to to compete.”

    This roster can be great if everything goes this way. They have a lot of returning Raptors on this team like Witman, Mac, Denham, Leif, and Tempest. Plus adding vets like Tim and mferra. Players like Leif Ender and Tempest are going to make a difference for them.

    “Our team is going to be Top three in the league and either 1 or 2 in our conference” said Witman. I love the confidence of this team and they definitely can pull this off.
    This team has great potential and can make a run.

    Overall Bidding Grade: A They got players they knew on cheap contracts. Almost Raptors 2.0

    Player to Watch: @SnypEdaKILLA - How could it not be anyone else? Brand new to the league and went for $7.5m in bidding that is half of their cap spent on one player. He is the make or break player for this squad. If he can perform the way they are hoping this can be a very tough team to beat.

    Chemistry: A+ This team has a lot of returning members and have spent a decent amount of time with the newcomers

    MIA- @xRICKOSHAY is back for another season and instead of being a normal player he has moved up to Owner. He stuck with last year's Timberwolves and got @Flems506 to be his GM. When asked about his bidding strategy Rick said “it’s important to have realistic expectations on what your targets’ price points will be. We had 3 targets that we knew would be a bit pricier, so we didn’t try to get them cheap. We immediately put them up to the price points that we wanted them at, so that way if they went higher than what we were comfortable paying, we could move on early while plenty of players were still available. We also put 500k bids right away on guys who would be 2nd or 3rd choice targets for teams, so we secured them before other teams lost some of their targets. Lastly, it’s important to keep some cap space available by leaving 1 or 2 bidding spots open to give flexibility on price points for your targets.” Watching this team bid was amazing. They put out 8 bids and got 8 players. Their roster looks alot like last year's Timberwolves with @A Sniper13, @Extremee888, @xRICKOSHAY, @Flem506 all returning. Rick already has chemistry with Extremee888 in the “pick and roll” offense. Rick said “I'm extremely confident that we will be a championship contender. We will have good chemistry with a strong first line, and we will have a 2nd line that can compete with many 1st lines. The only team I think we will be in deep shit with competing with is Denver.” Looking at this roster I can see this for sure. Players like @Two Lag Shots and @BennyBvckets are good lockdowns that will cause PGs trouble. Overall this team looks very solid from top to bottom. I almost guarantee this team will be in the playoffs and contending for a Championship.

    Overall Bidding Grade: A+ - They were able to get all 8 players they wanted

    Player to Watch: @TheRealProcess - Being on a 500k contract after taking a year off is a steal considering he averaged 21.9 Points and 4.8 Assists last time he played in the league. If he can put those types of numbers up on the 2nd line I can see him getting a lot of wins.

    Chemistry: This team has kept a lot of members from last season's T-Wolves team. Plus they knew who they were bidding on which makes me think they have played with them.

    CHA- The Charlotte Hornets or should we say the Season 20 suns. @FreeMelo and @CPT84 have teamed up once again and revived the Suns from a couple of seasons ago and if you were around you know that team knew what it took to win.. They were very successful at being a well rounded and pack mentality team When asked what their team strength was melo said “Depth , where other teams have a first line and second line i really believe we can throw a first line quality type of lineup every single game” and i would have to agree most players on that roster have a high win % and the experience and chemistry that can basically rival any team. When asked how successful he thinks the team will be melo had a fantastic response. “ I Guarantee our team will be the top 2 teams in the east. When you tell my dogs they are last place in the previous power rankings they are ready for blood. We are ready for blood. Mark my words” … Very bold, very confident team and rightfully so. Listen the Hornets are going to come out and play team ball.. With experienced guys like @EveryThingNike1 and @ovaexperienced they will be a solid team who seems to have a fire under their asses and the chip on their shoulder.. But do they have someone to step up and lead the charge if a game comes down to the wire?

    Overall bidding grade: A - Hornets came into bidding with a plan . Reunite the suns and that is exactly what they did

    Player to watch: @EveryThingNike1 - as everythingnike gets a 5 mil contract he has proven himself as a skilled pg and scorer.averaging 14.3 points 6.3 assists and 2.9 steals in the regular season last year His ppgs took a dip last season but his wins went up along with his assists.. The key for this team will be if nike meshes with the guys who have experience together and lead as the main ball handler on the team

    Chemistry: A The Hornets definitely get an A here as chemistry and history with each other is a big factor on this team and will bode well for them in those tight crunch time games they have

    PHI: Ahh The Perennial 76ers team returning for the 4th time @im just a squid and @ThankYouHinkie brings back the team of IRL friends to yet again be a very competitive, very solid squad . Hinkie and Squid brings back literally their entire roster besides @JEFFERS426 so you can bet they are going to come out strong and super familiar with their scheme and gameplan When i asked Squid what was your bidding strategy he gave me the most simple and accurate response “To run it back 4x” and he also agreed with me by saying his teams strength is far and away their chemistry.. He went on to say “we’ve improved each and every year with the same team and hopefully this is the year we can take that final jump forward” Honestly i wouldn't be surprised but with an early playoff exit last season they have some adjustments that need to be made to be a solid contender in what seems to be the deepest Eastern Conference we have seen so far

    Overall Bidding Grade: A+ let's face it other owners don't even bid on PHI guys so it's easy day every time bidding comes around for squid and hinkie to go out and get their boys

    Player To Watch: @im just a squid The unofficial leader of the 76ers and rightfully so squid is reigning DPOY averaging 4.3 steals last season and he's just as effective on the offensive side of the ball boasting 22.3 points 5.3 assists and 3.2 rebounds squid does it all and with his guys he trusts around him they can do some damage

    Chemistry: A+ i think this is kind of self explanatory at this point… They arguably have the definition of chemistry with this squad so props to them

    DET- The former Bucks have been rebranded as the Detroit Pistons. Owner @Texans80mvp he chose @Xxshock242xX to be his GM this season. This team has some good players on it including @D Andoo99, @SpotJr25. Both of these players earned awards last season. I asked Texans what his strat was for bidding. He said “Our strategy was to be aggressive and go after the best player in bidding to complement the returning core from the Bucks team of last season. We had a lot of extra cap space after locking down most of our players for 500k that gave us the freedom to go all in on our final piece of a championship caliber roster.” This team did exactly that. They spent 8m on D andoo99. That is an insane amount of money for one player. I don't know if any player is worth that much but I can totally see him proving me wrong. “The strength in our roster is in our backcourt. D Andoo, Shock, and EastCoastGoat have proven to be nightmare matchups in the past so having 2 or all 3 of them on the court at the same time will be impossible to stop. Our depth will be able to match up with any team in the league.” said Texans. It will be interesting to see what type of offense they run for this season. The Bucks last season ran a “free range” offense which is considered to be weaker than the set “pick and roll” offense most teams use. We asked how far your team will make it and he said “Returning the entire core of the Bucks roster that made it to the Eastern Conference finals last season and adding the top player in bidding should put us in a top contender spot. The Pistons management are extremely confident that we have a championship caliber roster and are poised for a deep playoff run.” The Eastern Conference has alot of teams in it that have good squads. Overall this team has the ability to take games off any team.

    Overall Bidding Grade: A - There have been teams in the past with a similar strat. With the roster they have they could have a really good team it depends on how well D andoo fits in that system.

    Player to Watch: Who else could it be but @D Andoo99. Going for 8m in bidding he is clearly the centerpiece for this team and everything is going to rely on how well he plays.

    Chemistry: A This team looks to have a decent amount of chemistry based off the fact most of them played together last year.

    BOS- HBB Rise is back for another season hoping to continue off the success he had last season with the Timberwolves. Going into this season HBB Rise said “We were trying to surround Beta Dreams with the players he wants and then build a very competitive second line” Looking at the roster they have assembled, it seems that they have done just that.
    The team with @Beta Dreams, @Beta Evolution, and @Beta Zoomz could be good. I assume they all play with each other so there is no reason they can't win some games. We have seen Rise in the past make some great mid season trades to get the team to improve.
    I asked him what are the top 3 teams in the Eastern Conference. He said “Miami Heat, Atlanta Hawks, and Celtics. But keep an eye on the 76ers and Hornets because both teams have built a great roster” I also asked him what team had the best bidding “The Heat had the best bidding. They got every player they wanted. They were also able to recreate the T-Wolves line from last season”
    There is a lot of experience on this team with a combined total of 23 seasons played. It will be very interesting to see how this team performs throughout the season. The ownership duo of HBB Rise and Beta Dreams has the potential to be a good duo but can cause issues inside the team. Hopefully that won’t happen and we will see a competitive team from them.

    Overall Bidding Grade: B+ Got the Beta Boys and good pieces to surround the stars on this team.

    Player to Watch: @Slampsonn - This is his second season in the league last year he was on OKC and almost averaged a double-double. His stats were 9.4 Points, 10 Reb, 3.8 Assists, 2.5 Steals and 1.1 Blocks. From what I have heard about Slampsonn is high IQ and great talent and if used right can and will make a massive difference for his team.

    Chemistry: We have players in the same clan so I would imagine they have good Chem. I'm fairly positive that as time goes on this team will be clicking.


    DEN- The Defending Champs are back again trying to repeat. Led by OG GrandPoppa and th4 w4ll. OG GrandPoppa is coming off an MVP season. I asked OG what his strat was for bidding “Can’t give away my trade secrets” If anyone could find a way to get a roster with this much potential that should be a secret.
    This roster is extremely good from what we have heard from players around the league is they were able to get a whole WR line to be their second line and each player was only 500k. This makes them very cheap which allowed them to get players like OG CornPoppa and Schizostone. “We have two very decent lines and should compete well” OG when asked about his team's strengths.
    “I think we will be competitive, it should be a fun season, very excited to see how the homies will play together” (Og GrandPoppa) It seems like the team environment is important to this team as they already have the best roster if you look at stats. They got Schizostone in bidding and we could totally hum being the AGM for this team and we already know how great he is at managing a team.
    This team is ready to win a Chip and are heavy favorites. The combo of OG, th4 w4ll and Raynor is already a scary combo. Now add everyone else that’s on this roster and this team can do it all. It will be interesting to see how the new players will perform this season. If they show up it could be a wrap.

    Overall Bidding Grade: ? The reason why there isn't a grade is because there is a lot of unknowns for this team. Most of the players haven't been in the league before and supposedly they are all WR talent. If they are they do get an A…. but nothing is confirmed, because of that I can’t give a grade

    Player to Watch: @Raynor He is regarded as the best lock in the league. He was able to stick with the Nuggets because he had a 2 season contract. Raynor will make the difference in games. He is a great on ball defender and can get buckets at will outta the corner. I have been guarded by him and it was not a fun time. No matter how good you are this is a player that will test you every single time you bring the ball up the court.

    Chemistry: A+ I don't need to explain this one we already know that they all know each other.

    SAC- @LockDownJesus is back for another season as the owner of the Kings. This time he changed his GM. @SuBpeRBzSkiLLz (AKA Subforce) is his new GM for this season. Subforce was the owner for the Bulls last season. The roster they have put together looks very good with players that can have great potential. When @LockDownJesus was asked about his bidding strategy he said “Get a PG and Wing star. Add depth. Get a Center.” Let's see how they did.
    If you look at how much they spent they still have 2.5m left in cap. I can see these teams making some trades to better their roster. @Kryss85 is a great value for 500k as he was 2nd Team All NBA PF last season. 7.25 (@Viktomize)himself is taking the AGM role for this team. He was the GM for the Knicks last season and has some great experience. This team last year came out to a very hot start, but towards the end of the season they fell apart. It will be interesting to see if they follow the past or do the exact opposite. This can be a very competitive team. “Defense and Depth are our biggest strength” per @LockDownJesus. I imagine the hope is no matter what line they send out they can contend with 1st lines from other teams. He also thinks that his team can be the best team in the West. This team has a lot of weapons. I think that this will be a very tough task as the Denver Nuggets look really good.

    Overall Bidding Grade: B+: Well known players with 2.5m left in cap to make more moves.

    Player to Watch: @Emergenxy - The last time he played in LG he was on the LGNCAA on the Oregon Ducks who won the Championship. It will be interesting to see if he can bring that same energy to this team. He was a gamble at 3.75m with his slasher mentality. It seems like alot for a first year player. Let's see what he can do!

    Chemistry: B+ Most players on this team are vocal in the community so they have played with each other many times.

    LAL- @Zero Choice and @HBB TONE have taken the Los Angeles Lakers. Zero is a vetearn at managing on the LG site. When asked about his bidding strategy Zero said “Get guys we know and have chemistry with” Looking at this roster I can see that. They for sure got players they know. Granted the players they know are new to the league.
    This team has a lot of new players on it. The most noticeable are the two new HBB Boys @HBB Nubz and @HBB Enlight. It will be interesting to see how they play. The most expensive player on the roster is @SWAGGYxFRESH954. He went for 4m. I have known Swaggy for about 6 months, I have played rec and pro am with him and he can be very lethal. and he is a good player. Let's see how he will perform. Other than that this team has a giant Question Mark on it. Tons of new players that have the ability to perform at a very high level to make this team a possible contender. Zero says “We have a well balanced team” I’m going to take his word on it because he has manager experience. His expectations of his team are Playoffs and making a title run. This is gonna be very difficult. Teams like the Nuggets and Kings are looking good with well known players. It will be interesting to see how this team performs.

    Overall Bidding Grade: C: Could be higher just a lot of unknowns

    Player to Watch: @SWAGGYxFRESH954, @RaynicexCashout. I chose these two because they already have chemistry with each other since they have been playing for a while. Both are brand new to the league and can definitely light teams up.

    Chemistry: They have the HBB Boys, so I would assume they play together and know how they play.

    SAS: @justdonni3 2 finally got his team after graciously giving his owner spot up last season and now he's ready to show the league he’s playing for keeps alongside him is @Savage5279 interesting as they are the only management duo who are both Centers. But to resolve this they acquired the highly skilled @VenomOnFire who seems to be the centerpiece of this team tac on players such as @MikeyxCHEAAAA and @Torched Xans and it seems to be a very solid squad… the only issue i see is too many big men… they also snatched up the commish himself @Nekski so i am interested to see their game plan for that. When asked what the team strengths donnie sees in his squad he said “ Defense, Flexibility and chemistry, everyone wants to win and they all put the team first”. I would have to agree seeing as they have 2 of the best defensive minded Centers in himself and nekski .. question will be can they get the offense going and run a good system with Venom at the helm? Donnie also went on further to say “ We want to take this one game at a time and get better week by week and when playoffs come around I am positive the spurs will be there but our goal right now is the next game”. I can see this being true with their first line but i don't know how confident or even what the second line on this team will look like..

    Overall Bidding Grade: B- grabbing venom as the centerpiece of this team and adding decent pieces around him i think they did well in bidding but like i said before i think there's too many big bodies on the team and possibly not enough outside scoring.

    Player to watch: @VenomOnFire the 7 million dollar man and rightfully so as one of the top 5 PGs last season venom put up gross numbers averaging 22.6 points and 10.8 assist last regular season he earns his big contract in hopes of being a huge contributor again for Donnie and the spurs and i think donnie will put the right pieces around him to be successful

    Chemistry: B: Donnie has played with a lot of these guys and even the few he hasn't are all pretty laid back dudes i don't see any issues coming out of the spurs locker room all season Donnue is a no BS kind of guy and thats what i like to see

    DAL: @Swift Solstice and @Adrew2424 have taken a team and are a rookie management duo. In my book this will be a sink or swim team with a lot of question marks and possibilities for their season. Let's start with the obvious we all know swift can shoot and it seems he has put together a team of even more shooting but the real question will be how smart and how effective will these shots be? Swift has brought in a few guys with LG experience in @MINICHUD MASON being one of the most experienced guys in league history and for the first time in a while not being management also with players like @Uncle No Legs who has a few trophies but how much will he contribute to the team? When asked what their team strength was swift said “Almost everyone can shoot and they know their jump shot. I also went after guys who are team players. It's not about the individual on the team, it's about the team as a whole '' Swift also stated “We are gunning for a 4th seed playoff berth. Do I want to win a championship? Absolutely but i am also a realist i know the probability of a championship is low. But we are pretty confident that we aren't just going to be a pushover”. I would have to agree with Swift on this one. I think the Mavs are taking home a ship. Hell no . do i think they can be competitive and fight their way into the playoffs in a tough western conference .. prove it

    Overall Bidding Grade: C : Not great but also not terrible like I said they have some decent pieces and some unknowns so things could change.. We will have to see how they look on the court

    Player to watch: @MINICHUD MASON- as probably the most tenured players in LG mason has taken a step back from management this time around that doesn't mean he won't step up and guide swift and the mavericks with his wisdom and knowledge of the league and game averaging 6.9 points and 9.5 rebounds last season mason looks to pump those numbers up for this team and help out as he will be the top line Center

    Chemistry: C I know this is one of those grades that should go up for the mavs in the near future Swift seems to be the type of owner to get his guys getting games in with each other before and during the season only reason he is graded so low currently is because they don't seem to have the level of chemistry some of these returning teams have with each other

    GSW: @SlimeWorld and @Wiliest Jester56 pair off in what will be one of the more interesting story lines of the league with slime being a brand new owner that has built a team of lets be honest Question marks.. When asked what his bidding strategy was slime said “To get 2 guys that i can surround with role players to win a chip” very interesting strategy since in my opinion he did not land any huge names in bidding but i do give him credit in getting a very solid addition in @Its Froggy and on a decent contract too.. I do think it is a big issue bidding 4 million on @Berry Grizzly when it was clearly stated he will really not be available past week 2.. Like I said this team has a lot of question marks surrounding this team.. It's hard to see an upside to this team currently but Slime is enthusiastic about his squad so maybe he is seeing something i don't and for the league sake I hope he is correct and surprises us all it wouldn't be the first time.

    Overall Bidding Grade: C- : Slime had an interesting way of going about bidding and was still pretty new to this league with a lot of returning owners and experienced players in management i don't fully blame him/ want to hammer him about a couple of bad contracts he might come up with some unknown steals like i said too many question marks surround this team currently so hell i could be totally wrong.

    Player to Watch: @YungTickle while only playing 7 games last season he put up some great numbers in some tough games averaging 21.3 points and 4.1 assists. While the sample size is small, getting him at 1mil is a great chance for him to be a leader and prove he can be effective in the league.

    Chemistry: C - There's so many unknowns about this team hopefully that will bring them together to prove to the league they can make a splash and shock some teams and grab some Ws
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