Season 25 Playoff Rules

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    SECTION 1: Playoffs Structure

    The best eight teams of the LGBA will advance to the playoffs. All games continue to be played Wednesday and Thursday at 9, 10, and 11PM EST. Each series will be a best-of-five series until a champion is crowned. The current LGBA rulebook is to be referred to if other rules are not covered in this section!

    SECTION 2: Playoff Requirements

    For away teams in the playoffs, lines must be posted 3 hours before game-time, and the home team will have to confirm their lineup one hour before game-time.

    If the game starts at 9:00 PM EST
    • Away Team: 6:00 PM EST
    • Home Team: 8:00 PM EST
    Failure to follow this rule will result in:
    • a warning for the first infraction
    • a 1-game suspension is issued to the Owner for the second infraction
    • forfeits will follow after three+ infractions.
    If staff feels that an infraction was made in order to gain an unfair edge in a game, staff reserves the right to issue a suspension to the owner or manager responsible.

    Roster players must be scheduled twice in the first four games and are NOT permitted to play a 3rd game until game 5. If a roster player is replaced by an ECU, that still counts as a game played for that roster player. You are only permitted one roster lineup scheduling swap per game. Failure to comply will result in a forfeit/game overturn for each occurrence.

    TC players with 5mil salary may only play ONE game per series and no more than TWO total games for the entirety of the playoffs. TCs with a 10mil salary are NOT allowed to play at all in the playoffs. Failure to follow the min/max number of games required for players will result in game overturns or forfeits.

    SECTION 3: Lag Out Rules

    Lag out within the first minute of the first quarter = Quit out and restart the game

    Lag out after the first minute of the first quarter = Finish out the quarter and restart, carrying over the stats from the quarter(s) completed and play the remaining quarter(s)

    Time in between lag outs should be kept to a minimum as to not interfere with other games being played later that night. The maximum time staff will allow is 10 minutes from the end of the quit out to when both teams are searching with the same lineup for the first instance. Second or more instances will only allow 5 minutes from the end of the quit out to when both teams are searching. If a replacement TC (no roster subs allowed mid game) is needed, this must be publicly stated in writing for all staff and opposing managers to see (i.e. managers discord) and the team finding the replacement TC will be allowed 5 extra minutes on to their total for the instance in question (i.e. first instance with replacement = 15 minutes, 2nd or more instance with replacement = 10 minutes) for ONE TIME PER GAME.

    SECTION 4: Forfeits

    Forfeiting is only allowed if the opposing team's Owner, GM, or AGM agrees to forfeit a game.

    If the opposing team's Owner, GM, or AGM does not communicate within 15 minutes of the game's start time, the game will be eligible for a forfeit win at staff discretion. Please make sure you're using the manager's gametime chat to communicate so evidence can be gathered and staff is aware.

    If lag outs cause the game to be paused for more than ten minutes, the game can be rescheduled at the end of the playing week and confirmed through the Action Center and approved by LGBA Staff.

    The goal of this section is to prevent as many forfeits as possible. If there is no danger of the game running into the next game's start time, please make every effort to play the game or reschedule. Forfeits should be a last resort.
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