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    Winter season signups are now open for the Xbox and PSN leagues!

    Bidding begins Feb 20-2021, with puck drop set for Feb 28-2021


    All Veteran players MUST BE signed up prior to Feb 20th - 2021 at 9 PM EST to be eligible to hold a roster spot in any of the three tiers. Any veteran who signs up after the above deadline [after NHL bidding is live] will be randomly assigned to the CHL training camp. In this situation, these veteran players will ONLY be ECU eligible and not roster eligible for the duration of the season! This applies to both the PSN and XBOX LGHL leagues.

    If you are a player under contract who wishes to retire for next season, the earliest date you can retire will be Feb 11th - 2021. All free agent players who wish to retire simply just do not signup for the coming season! The deadline for contracted players to come out of retirement for the coming season will be Feb 18th, 2021 at 4:59 PM est.

    All free agent players who wish to change their signup position for the coming will be able to so at the earliest date of Feb 11th - 2021 via the Action Center - Request - Pre-season Positional Change. These changes are automatic and do not require staff. To confirm your position changed, you can review your profile news feed, or simply go back into the Action Center and request a positional change again. Your new position show is listed there as well. Always remember to select LGHL as your league when requesting a positional change or the change will not save! Staff is not responsible for manually fix any positions. There will also be NO change window between bidding sessions, so please ensure your position is correct by Feb 20th - 2021 at 7 PM est.

    Click >>>> HERE <<<< to sign up for next season!

    X1 LGHL Timelines


    PSN LGHL Timelines

    * keep in mind the Xbox and PS4 sign-ups are in the same location! Be sure you are signing up for the correct league *


    Heading into a new season also means the league is looking for new NHL and CHL Owners!

    The current NHL and CHL Owners have contacted via private message by our league staff in regards to returning next season therefore do NOT need to reapply.

    X1 NHL Owner Application

    X1 CHL Owner Application

    PSN NHL Owner Application

    PSN CHL Owner Application


    Every season we are looking for a handful of new BOG members to jump aboard. If you have an interest in joining the staff for the coming season, please fill out an application listed below!

    X1 NHL - AHL Staff Application

    X1 CHL Staff Application

    PSN NHL-AHL Staff Application

    PSN CHL Staff Application