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    Timeline May 5th - 15th (Off-Season)
    • Trades, Resigns, MGT selections, free drops, (closes May 11th, 5pm est)*
    • RFA(for players) May 4th - 11th. RFA Bidding, May 11th-May 12th. RFA Conclusion, MA 13th
    • NHL Entry Draft, May 11th, 8 PM (possible four rounds)
    • Short transfer wire May 13th, May 15th 17:00
    • NHL bidding, May 15(9 pm), 16,17,18(closes at 9 PM)
    • Positional Change Window, May 18th, 9 PM - May 19th 8 PM
    • AHL bidding, May 19th(9 PM), 20,21,22(closes at 9 PM)
    • CHL Bidding, May 23,24,25,26.
    • AHL TC assignment 27/28
    Season and Playoff Timeline May 28th until July 27th
    • Opening Night, May 28th
    • Season ends July 27th
    • Playoffs July 30 - Aug 24
    • IHL Aug 13th - Aug 31**

    * May start earlier if the finals DO NOT go seven games. Also may start the following morning IF we have a Game Seven

    ** Tentative dates for a summer IHL season for NHL and AHL non-playoff players

    Positional changes for Players whom are free agents will open today. If you are unsure how to change your position please reference this post-----> http://leaguegaming.com/forums/inde...tion=league&page=information&tab=actioncentre

    Retirements will open on the weekend. Be sure to NOT retire until you are eliminated from the current season! If you are unsure how to retire, reference this post-----> http://leaguegaming.com/forums/inde...tion=league&page=information&tab=actioncentre
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