Season XXXIV Predictions- AFC West

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    Los Angeles Chargers (TJanglesJ)- After a successful run with the Jaguars, Jangles packs his bags and heads out west. It will be fun to watch four solid players go at one another in Madden 18. Expect Jangles to make a push for the division title or at worst a playoff spot.

    Denver Broncos- (Legend of Turbo)- Turbo is another long time vet here at XXL. He takes over a very talented team in the Denver Broncos, but the QB position is a question. After having Matt Ryan and Julio Jones in 17, he will have to rely on Demaryus Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders to carry him through. There is no denying the strength of the Broncos defense though.

    Kansas City Chiefs- (X Factor STL)- After what transpired today in St. Louis X Factor can't be happy that he did not get his Rams for this year. Nonetheless, he takes over a Chiefs team that has a stellar defense. This is a division I see X Factor struggling in more than we've seen in the past. However, still expect him to be right at the top when Week 17 comes to an end.

    Oakland Raiders- (JBlack2R)- JBlack may be seen as an underdog out here in the West, but he is far from it. He had a very strong showing in Madden 17 and will look to continue to prove he is a tough opponent. With a great all around team, JBlack has many weapons to work with this season. It will be fun to see how he does in this stacked division.

    Chargers (9-7):

    Broncos- W
    Vs. Dolphins- L
    Vs. Chiefs- W
    Vs. Eagles- W
    @ Giants- L
    @ Raiders- L
    Vs. Broncos- L
    Pats- W
    Jags- W
    Vs. Bills- W
    Cowboys- W
    Vs. Browns- W
    Vs. Redskins- L
    @ Chiefs- L
    @ Jets- L
    Vs. Raiders- W

    Final Record: 9-7

    Broncos (10-6):

    Vs. Chargers- L
    Vs Cowboys- W
    @ Bills- W
    Vs. Raiders- L
    Vs. Giants- W
    @ Chargers- W
    @ Chiefs- L
    @ Eagles- L
    Vs. Pats- W
    Vs. Bengals- W
    @ Raiders- W
    @ Dolphins- W
    Vs. Jets- W
    @ Colts- L
    @ Redskins- W
    Vs. Chiefs- L

    Final Record: 10-6

    Chiefs (11-5):

    @ Pats- L
    Vs. Eagles- W
    @ Chargers- L
    Vs. Redskins-W
    @ Texans- W
    Vs. Steelers- W
    @ Raiders- L
    Vs. Broncos- W
    @ Cowboys- W
    @ Giants- W
    Vs. Bills- L
    @ Jets- W
    Vs. Raiders- W
    Vs. Chargers- W
    Vs. Dolphins- L
    @ Broncos- W

    Final Record: 11-5

    Raiders (7-9):

    @ Titans- L
    Vs. Jets- L
    @ Redskins- W
    @ Broncos- W
    Vs. Ravens- L
    Vs. Chargers- W
    Vs. Chiefs- W
    @ Bills- W
    @ Dolphins- L
    Vs. Pats- L
    Vs. Broncos- L
    Vs. Giants- L
    @ Chiefs- L
    Vs. Cowboys- W
    @ Eagles- W
    @ Chargers- L

    Final Record: 7-9


    Kansas City Chiefs: 11-5
    Denver Broncos: 10-6
    Los Angeles Chargers: 9-7
    Oakland Raiders: 7-9

    This is an absolutely high powered offensive division with these owners. Expect the team who can slow the opposing offense down the most to win the division. I chose STL because of the experience that he posses in the league. This is a complete toss up as all four owners have a legitimate shot to win the division. We as a league are in for a treat watching this division battle!

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