Season XXXVI Waiver Wire

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    3. Each team is allowed 5 waiver claims. The emergency waiver claim is gone. The waiver order is determined by the standings from the previous madden season or by team ratings at the start of a madden cycle.

    4. You make a waiver claim you must wait until the commissioner approves the claim before adding the player to your team. The waiver wait time is 24 hours OR until the next advance.

    5. Instead of the emergency waiver, players will be allowed a total of 5 waiver claims that may be used to both pick up free agents and steal from other team's practice squads. You will now be accountable for filling your practice squad with players who can provide relief after injuries.

    6. The Format: Team - Player - Position - Rating
    Once you have been awarded a player your waiver position will drop to the last spot."

    Bills (5)
    Packers (5)
    Ravens (5)
    Jaguars (5)
    Patriots (5)
    Eagles (5)
    Redskins (5)
    Falcons (5)
    Raiders (5)
    Cowboys (5)
    Chargers (5)
    Panthers (5)
    Texans (5)
    Broncos (5)
    Browns (5)
    Lions (5)
    Buccaneers (5)
    Titans (4)
    Steelers (4)
    49ers (4)
    Vikings (4)
    Saints (4)
    Bengals (3)
    Chiefs (4)
    Colts (4)
    Giants (4)
    Seahawks (3)
    Dolphins (1)
    Cardinals (4)
    Bears (3)
    Jets (2)
    Rams (3)

    Approved Claims:

    Dolphins Claim: QB Kirk Cousins 82
    Titans Claim: WR Noah Anderson 74
    Seattle Claim: CB Dario Winborn 73
    Steelers Claim: C Jonotthan Harrison 77
    Jets Claim: LG Brock Mullen 73
    49ers Claim: CB Bryant Telfer 69
    Bengals Claim: TE Mason Osshansky 75
    Vikings Claim: FB Danny Vitale 69ovr
    Saints Claim: RG Bryant Haskins 74

    Dolphins Claim: QB Nathan Peterman 76
    Bengals Claim: RG rashaun Harmon 73
    Cheifs Claim: QB Hugh Page OVR 65
    Colts Claim: Demarcus Kugbila CB 71
    Giants Claim: C John Sullivan 82

    Dolphins Claim: CB D Dennard 75
    Seattle Claims: MLB Reggie Ragland 77
    Bears Claim: CB Donald Burley 76
    Dolphins Claim: OLB Whitehead 77
    Cardinals Claim: Tom savage QB 75
    Rams Claim: LOLB Derrick Morgan 79

    Bears Claim: LOLB Kameel Ragland 69
    Jets Claim: CB Franklin Groce 67
    Jets Claim: RG Rashaun Harmon 74
    Chiefs Claim: Charles Culberson FB 68ovr. From Eagles practice squad.
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