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Discussion in 'LG Park' started by Nekski, Feb 10, 2019.

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    Here's a list of things you need to know if you are playing in LG Park:

    No shoving

    3v3 matches only.

    Take a screenshot of the stats at the end of the game

    Leaderboards are based off ELO and not solely on Wins and Losses

    The season will run for 3-4 weeks and the top teams will play in a playoff to determine the champion

    Your roster may only 4 people

    Scheduling is Open. This means you can create games whenever you wanna play.

    Matchmaking is Hidden. Teams wont know who they are playing until they accept the open challenge.

    There is no positional requirements (So you can run 4 Centers or whatever you want)

    You cant not leave a team and then join a new one immediately. There will be a 7 day wait time before you can join a new team.

    Team Owners/GMs cannot leave their team. Leaving the team will result in a ban.

    Rosters lock once the season ends and playoffs begin.

    More things to be added as needed
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