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    With sufficient evidence provided, showing that someone is using the skill point glitch. This is how we will handle the offenses.

    First offense: The player deemed cheating will be suspended for the remainder of the season. If far enough into the season, we will suspend you for the following season. The manager of the team involved will be suspended a week.

    Second offense: the player involved will be suspended from all league involvement for one year. The manager of the team will be suspended for the rest of the season and possibly the next pending how far into the season we are.

    Third offense: the player will be permanently banned from FEL competition forever with no return date in this century. The manager of the team will be banned for the rest of the FIFA. If this is the manager's third offense here. He will also be permanently banned from the community.

    To answer some questions.

    The reason we are suspending management for allowing cheaters on their roster and to play is to keep them accountable for who they pick up on their team. On top of this, this will ensure that managers make sure there aren't any shenanigans going on behind the scenes.

    Also, to honestly sum all of this up. Don't abuse the skill point glitch.

    Lastly this is what defines abuse of the skill point glitch: Due to the ease in which one can remove the extra skill points, and the complete unnecessariness of abusing this in the first place. Anyone found within 15 minutes of game time and an hour after, to have abused the skill points by either having them attached to their pro AND/OR even having more than 24 Skill Points and not using them all. Will have been deemed guilty of breaking this rule and its subsequent punishments.
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