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    Official LG Smite Rules

    ** These are the rules for Season 2 and all rules are subject to change at any time. Any changes made will be listed below the thread by one of the Administrators. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to contact us. **

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    * Every team must read, understand and agree to the rules for participation. The team owner will be responsible for accepting and agreeing to the rules on behalf of the entire teams roster. Thereafter, each player is expected and required to abide by the Rules, and any failure to follow them will result in punitive measures.

    * Each player may only use their own account.

    * Each player must be signed up and vetted completely on the LG Website.

    * Each team must have between five to ten (5-10) players.


    * The Seeding will run by the following schedule; 2 Weeks starting Sunday, May 7th. Games will be played in a scheduled format. Games will be played on Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 9:00 and 10:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time) until the seeding concludes.

    * Playoffs will be run by similar scheduled times set by the Administrators in the following format: (TBD)

    * Every Game must be created by the HOME TEAM with the following requirements:

    1. Custom Game

    2. Password: lg1

    3. Region: North America

    4. Pick Method: Draft – Conquest

    5. Party size: 5v5

    6. Allow Spectators/Record Demo

    7. Spawn Lane Minions

    8. Starting Level: 1

    9. Starting Gold: 1500

    ** Due to any possible technical issues DIRECTLY RELATED to SMITE or its servers, games may be rescheduled to another day and time. If this is the case, please make a PM on LG including all administrators and the opposing Owner, explaining the issue and the new day/time the game will be played. Both teams must verbally state they agree. **


    * Teams and players are required to be available to play with 5 players during the schedule times. A complete team must be available no later than 15 minutes after the scheduled start time for each game.

    * Collusion, intentionally losing a game, or any other action of a similar or reprehensible nature will not be tolerated. Each player shall use his or her best efforts to compete in a sportsmanlike manner.

    * Abusing spectator, including but not limited to stream sniping and/or ghosting will be treated as cheating. If a team or player is suspected of cheating, the Administrators reserve the right to take punitive measures.

    * Players are strictly prohibited from using any other persons account for any reason whatsoever.

    * There will be no position lock, however it is recommended you sign up as the role you wish to play.

    ~ OWNERS
    * Each team will have an Owner who will act as the main point of contact for Administrators to deliver any information regarding the team up to but not limited to:

    1. Rosters

    2. Team availability

    3. Team / player information

    4. League communications

    * Each team may designate a backup representative (the “GM”) should the Team Owner be unavailable due to unforeseeable or emergency circumstances. Said person can act as the replacement on all matters except roster changes. If a GM is required to act in the Team Owner’s place, they shall be responsible for all of the Team Owner’s duties until otherwise instructed by their Owner.

    * Every Team Owner is responsible for updating the Administrators with any information pertaining to his or her own team as well as making sure that any requested information is provided to the requesting Administrator(s) in a timely fashion.

    * Team Owners are responsible for updating the outcome of matches with the proper Match ID on the website.

    * Pausing in the middle of any engagement such that it would give either of the team’s any sort of benefit or advantage is strictly prohibited.

    * Teams can pause any number of times for any length of time UP UNTIL MINIONS SPAWN. This is to allow someone who lagged out at the start to return.

    * After minions spawn, each team is allowed 1 pause per game.

    * If a team has already used their pause and a teammate lags out, they are not allowed another pause.

    * LG Smite Staff reserves the right to pause a game in order to address conflicts in another game. If this happens, the opposing Owner will be contacted immediately to avoid confusion. This pause will have no time limit and will not count towards the Administrator's team's pause.

    * A combat pause system has been built into custom games. When league games are played with this option available, all pauses that successfully go through the game will be considered valid. Otherwise, the game will not allow teams to pause during any sort of combat or skill channeling.

    * If a team is able to pause a game in an engagement even with the combat pause system in place, it is up to someone in the game to report it with evidence and will be up to the Administrators discretion to decide whether the pause was legal or if it is indeed a combat pause.

    * The Team Owner of the pausing team is the only player allowed to unpause the game.

    * If any player pauses or unpauses the game without permission, it may be considered unfair play and such actions will be subject to punitive measures.

    * Each pause cannot exceed more than ten (10) minutes. If a Game is paused and the team has exceeded the pause time limit, the Team Owner of the opposite side may resume play.

    * For this reason, it is important for both teams to note both the Game Time and Real Time at the time of the pause.

    * Abusing spectator, including but not limited to stream sniping and/or ghosting will be treated as cheating. If a team or player is suspected of cheating, the Administrators reserve the right to take punitive measures.


    * A “Game” is defined as an instance of LG competition where the outcome is determined by either the completion of the objective (defeating the enemy Titan), a team surrendering, or a team being disqualified.

    * A “Match” is defined as a full set of Games (i.e., a best of three (3) series) that is played until a team wins a majority of the set. This will most likely not occur until playoffs.

    * This is a 5v5 (Conquest) league. The Home Team will have the choice to select their side as first pick or second pick. No matter which side they pick, the Home Team is still responsible for creating the lobby.

    * Games must be created as stated in Section 2.

    * When a team surrenders a Game, it will automatically be given the loss for that Game. If there are any following Games that the same team must play in, that team is required to play.

    * A team may not surrender until...

    1. At least two Phoenixes are destroyed and one tower in each lane is down.

    2. The gold difference exceeds 12,000

    * In the event a team fails to field a roster for a scheduled match, it will be counted as a forfeit, unless both teams agree to reschedule.

    * When a team is disqualified from a Game, Match, or the League, it will automatically be given the loss for that said Game or Match

    * Picks and bans for Games will be handled in the following format: Where the first team picking is A and the second team picking is B, character bans will be conducted in the order of ABABBABA and character picks will be conducted in the order ABBAABBAAB.

    * The option of first pick or second pick will be determined at the discretion of the Home Team.

    * Each team may ban up to a maximum of four (4) characters each Game.

    * All picks and bans must be executed through the automated process within the SMITE game.

    * In the event that a team does not select one (1) or more picks or bans within the allotted time frame, the following may occur:

    1. Bans : If a team fails to ban during the allotted banning time, that team will remain without that ban in place. Only under severe technical difficulties will a remake be allowed in order to place the intended ban.

    2. Picks : If one (1) or more players fails to pick during the allotted character select time, the Team Owner shall contact the opposing Owner and explain the problem. The game will be remade. Each team shall only be allowed one (1) Game remake per Match due to a failed pick, provided any prior remakes for the Match were unrelated to the character picks or were the result of unforeseeable circumstances outside of the non-picking team’s control. If there is a remake and the problem reoccurs, please contact an Administrator immediately.

    3. Pervasive failure to pick/ban in a timely manner will result in punitive measures – as well as a possible forfeit for that game.

    * The newest god will not be available until after the god has been available in ranked for seven (7) days. This ban does NOT count towards the bans that each team gets.

    Ex. Nike was released into Smite on 12/13/16. This means Thoth was released into ranked on the same day. So on 12/20/16 (7 days after Thoth is released into ranked), he will be available, but Nike will not.

    * Each Game is expected to start within fifteen (15) minutes of the scheduled start time. Teams MUST contact each other via Xbox/LG Smite Chatbox/LG PM prior to and during game time to get things organized and moving along.

    * If a team is consistently late, warnings will be issued and possible suspensions and/or punitive measures will be taken.

    * There are scheduled times during which each game must be played. These time restraints must be followed by all players.

    * Team Owners shall tell an Administrator about any delays that may overlap a games schedule time.

    * In the case of a player’s game loading slowly or a Game crashing upon loading, an immediate pause may be issued until all ten (10) players successfully load in and connect, as stated in Section 3.

    * If a player fails to load into a Game or disconnects during a Game where no character kills have occurred and minions have not spawned, the following shall apply:

    1. Either Team may request a remake of the Game. Remake requests from an individual team will only be awarded once per Game, unless otherwise determined by an Administrator.

    2. If a player disconnects during a Game where character kills have occurred or minions have spawned, there will be no remake unless otherwise determined by an Administrator. However, the one alotted pause may be used.

    3. In the event of a remake, both teams must ban the same characters as in the previous Game. However, players may exchange which characters they are playing.

    * The following are considered unfair play:

    1. The use of any type of injector, cheat, map hack program, mod, or any other third party program or device.

    2. Intentional pausing or disconnecting.

    3. Unsportsmanlike conduct, including but not limited to inappropriate actions directed toward other players, Spectators, Administrators, or other LG personnel, or inappropriate actions directly affecting the Game such as intentional feeding or collusion.

    4. Violating the SMITE Terms of Service.

    * Private messaging another player during games is strictly prohibited. However, Owners may private message each other IF NECESSARY.

    * Each player shall use his or her best efforts to act as a well-mannered individual throughout the season. Examples of poor manners include, but are not limited to, the following:

    1. Constant emote spam in-game, including taunting.

    2. Verbally taunting another team or player.

    3. Sending messages to a player during a game.

    4. Spamming any unnecessary pinging in game, including during a pause.

    * If a team shows signs of not trying or not putting forward the best roster for their team, we reserve the right to evaluate the situation and disqualify said team.

    * Each Game must be played until the final objective is completed (destroying the opposing Titan) or until a team surrenders in order to receive a victory.

    * In the event THE SMITE SERVERS CRASH, the Owners can choose to replay the game completely or call the game if the following has occurred:

    1. The game has lasted more than 20 min

    2. The gold differential is 12,000 or more

    3. They have destroyed two enemy Phoenixes and have at least one tower in all lanes

    * The victorious team is responsible for completing BOTH TEAMS stats for that game.


    * All rules are subject to the LG Smite Committee and any complaints filed will be reviewed and taken into consideration before a decision is made.

    * The main goal of this league is to have a competitive scene, to actually get to PLAY the game in a competitive environment and to have fun while doing so.
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