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    Hello Everyone

    So playoffs are almost over and we are almost into the offseason for S12 of LGHL. We are going to try to have an SNP between now and the NHL 20 being released. This is based on sign-ups and captain signups.
    Now this being said we are going to be sticking to our rules of SNP is for AHL/CHL/TC players ONLY. NHL players are not permitted to signup and play. We will be double checking players as they sign up to make sure they are permitted. If you finished on an NHL roster for S11 you will not be permitted to play until you meet the requirements for SNP.

    We have not permitted NHL players to play without FNP running for the sole reason that with NHL players rosters would be stacked with NHL players (regardless if they think they are not NHL worthy or not) and that will drive away the players that are permitted to signup. We as a staff have discussed potential ways to have NHLers play but we never could reach an agreement mainly due to the reason listed.

    We understand that with FNP not running until NHL 20 it is frustrating for NHL players not having a weekly tournament to play but please we ask that you respect the reason that SNP was brought over to PSN in the first place and that is to give AHL/CHL/CHL TC players the ability to make a team or to get on a team and potentially win those sweet sweet trophy points that they normally would not have the chance in FNP.

    Thank You

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