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    Hello LGAHL and LGCHLers on PSN.

    We are pleased on how successful SNP has been on the PSN side and the outcome of players is just amazing! It really has become a go to for people’s weekend and I’m glad to see the amount of people wanting to play!

    Sign ups and captain sign ups will open Saturday around noon est and can change from club to draft with or without a gm.

    Here is your staff going forward! I’d like to congratulate @MDConMan on his promotion to Commissioner! Also would like to welcome our new staff members @Nba2k16islife201 , @Beaverclopsx27 , and @BasicallyMcdavid ! As always I’m usually still around if you have any questions.

    @MDConMan - Commish
    @Nba2k16islife201 - Staff
    @Beaverclopsx27 - Staff
    @BasicallyMcdavid - Staff

    They will be available to answer any SNP related questions you may have! In the meantime, join our discord server and be ready for gametime.

    Invite Link:
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