SNP S138 Captain Signup (DRAFT w/ GM)

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    This SNP is for NHL/AHL/CHL/TC players.

    Post below for ownership in this week’s SNP league.

    1. Username (and PSN if different)
    2. Have you been Captain before?
    3. Do you understand and accept the responsibilities of Captain?
    4. Pick 3 NHL, CHL or ESHL teams you would like (NO AHL/ECHL)

    The draft will begin at 8pm est, games will be scheduled to start at 9pm but can begin as early or late as 5 minutes from the end of the draft. Rounds will continue late into the night (sometimes past midnight).

    By taking Captain you will be agreeing to be ON TIME for the draft, personally responsible for NOT SKIPPING PICKS, gathering your team or ECUs as needed in a timely fashion, and adhering to the rules and direction of SNP staff.

    As a specific reminder with the draft, you CANNOT use the pre-pick function for the 1st overall selection. The draft does not start on the site until the 1st pick has been made, so you must manually perform the selection if you have #1 overall.

    If approved, you are required to join the discord for better communication:
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