So you have a lag out.... How do you do stats?

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    So I finally played in an LG game where we had a lag out, and was able to make a video to show you how to do stats. Here you go!

    Step 1

    The first step in this process is to take the photos of the post game report. To do this, you want have the goalies quit to end the game immediately (thank god this feature exists finally) before you start taking the screen shots. There are 6 of these in total, and they are the exact photos that you took before in every season leading up to this point. You can only upload a maximum of 4 photos at one time, so I find it best to upload the Team and Period stats first, then player stats second. Remember the # that you use, because you are going to use it when you send the second photos as well. It is important you stay consistent with what tag you upload your photos. Restart the game, and finish per LG rules the remainder of the game.

    Step 2

    Depending on when you have the lag out, you will probably only play one or two periods in this next game. Whenever all 3 periods have been played (or however many more if there is an OT), have the goalie leave the game. You will take the exact same 6 photos that you took in the previous step. You will have a total of 12 pictures to upload to the OCR. Upload the pics to Twitter using the same hashtag as before.

    Step 3

    Now the fun begins. Go to the OCR just like you would before. The first thing you are going to do is select the game, and run through the normal steps to input the game into the system. Check the players, scroll down, and type in the # that you uploaded pictures. Here is where we have a new step. Because there was a lag out, you are going to need to create a partition in order to split the game images across two uploads. The OCR is going to add these pics together at the end. As you can see in my video, I first put my start period as 1, and my end period as 2. Depending on when you have the lag out, this information is going to change. I then click the orange button off to the right that is labled CREATE PARTITION. Once you click that, an identical box will pop up allowing you to input more periods to the game. In my instance, You want to tell the OCR what period you are starting and ending, so for me it was Start of 3, end of 3.

    Now if you used the same # for your uploads, this next part is extremely easy. You are able to upload photos to each partition at the same time assuming that you have clicked the correct photos. When I click the get images from the #, you are able to see images in both partitions. MAKE SURE YOU CLICK THE RIGHT PHOTOS FOR THE RIGHT PARTITION. Be very careful when selecting the photos to make sure the right photos go to the right partition. You can see in my video I purposefully selected the same video for Team Stats (my first photo upload to the OCR). If that happens it's ok. Just go in like I did, click delete, and reselect the correct photo. Again, you can do both partitions at the same time assuming you click the correct photo for what you are telling the OCR you want to upload.

    The only thing I will mention is uploading 8 photos for player stats takes a bit of time. You can see on my screen that after I hit upload, the system took a minute to process. Google even asked if I wanted to wait, or kill the application. Click wait here, and just give it time to upload the pics. It takes time, so don't be worried if nothing is happening. After all images are uploaded, go in and click save stats. This will finalize all photos to the OCR.

    This is the most challenging part of the whole process. The OCR doesn't always add things correctly to the player stats when pulling multiple lag outs. It's a pain in the ass, but you have to go in and manually adjust the stats to make sure they match the photo. Your team is going to get a bunch of alerts if you save frequently (like I do to avoid errors, lost work), but it will end ok. The first thing I had to do was assign the correct minutes to each person. This allows the OCR to recognize the players were in the game, and stats were to be had. From there, I double check all goals, assists, and point totals to verify that everything is correct. You will probably have to manually input the goalie stats here as well, but that's easy. From there, just the tedious work of looking at each player to verify that they have correct stats based on the photos. You can see I had to do this for the Colorado players. Again, this sucks, but it is the only way to do it.

    Hopefully this helps out if you have a lag out on how to do stats with the OCR!


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