Sony Gold users: Cracked headphones? I got your fix!

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    Look familiar?



    Sure you can send them in to sony under the 1 year warranty, pay shipping and get a new pair....that's just going to do the same darn thing! The plastic on these is just junk! 110% junk! So here's my $1.80 fix!!

    I found these at Bargain hunt for 3 bucks discounted down to 1.80 so hey, why not? Replacement headbands for Sol Republic headphones. I opened the package to give them a try and the seem pretty flexible and sturdy. Hmm might work. You can also find them on amazon for about $5 but I got lucky with these.




    What you need: 3M double sided tape, rubbing alcohol and about 5 minutes.

    First step is to remove the little padding, then clean both the sony headphones and the inside of the band with rubbing alcohol.

    Then line the inside of the new headband with 3M double sided tape. I like the gray 3m tape.

    Be sure to make a starter fold over with the tape like so:

    Line it up and away you go!


    Good as, better than new!

    I would note however, they are slightly tighter than new and this can easily be adjusted BEFORE you tape them. I had to carefully remove each side of the band, spread the Sony ear cups apart and then re-tape them down. Next time or for anyone wishing to try this simple fix, place something between the ear cups to relieve some of the tension as you press the band on. Good luck.