Splashguard's Defensive skool: special valentines edition

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    Are you sick of being TC'd season after season? Annoyed that you just aren't getting the party invites from your lame-ass team?
    Back with more semi-pro tips that will help you stand out further than Father O'Reilly at the boys under 12 wrestling tournament potluck.

    For far too long the r1 and x button have been labelled "penalty buttons" here are some tips to show that your R1 and X buttons don't have to be your EX-buttons.

    Let' get to it..

    Board pinning is underused.

    Pinning unsuspecting opposition on the. boards in the defensive zone takes them out of the play and eliminates them as a passing option for the puck carrier to pass to..

    VALENTINES TIP: Grab the lotion and tissue because this maneuver can be performed with only one hand on the controller.

    2 on 1s

    There's a lot of debate here. Some say a defender should cover the pass, some say to go after the puck carrier. Both are great last resorts, but the reality is, playing a bone crushing hit on the 2nd man, means a short stint in the box and an easy PK for your bros. Crisis averted. Plus you have time to rip a bong hit or shotgun a mike's hard rasberry crantini.
    Laying down is also an effective maneuver, but youre going to want to make sure to swing that defensive stick.

    Chasing a breakaways.

    You got caught flat footed because that moron green threw a pass through traffic instead of hitting you in the low slot tee'd up for another perfectly aimed laser through traffic and now you're chasing a breakaway. No problem... crush the nearest opposing player. A penalty = no breakaway. Be sure to sweep with the defensive stick to ensure your man goes down harder than grandma on that icy walkway your mom asked you 12 times to salt. Swing batter, batter.
    Spamming X from behind is also a good way to make that puck carrier feel your presence.

    Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for next week's lesson: Tenderizing your tendy.
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