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    From the first puck drop here on LG over 15 years ago to current day operations, we as a community have relied exclusively on the product EA delivers each year. Over the last 6-8 weeks there appears to be more server related issues being reported to me which I have then passed along to EA for investigation. Last night was another example of server related issues that will cause conflict for us here on LG as we are at the most competitive part of our season.

    Last night several NHL and AHL teams were unable to complete game four. The official ruling put out from me was that game four is set in stone, lines are locked and the two teams MUST get together to establish a reschedule date and time. I have placed the restriction that game four MUST be played before game seven, but could occur anytime before or after game five and six. The original ruling also stated that roster subs were not allowed for game four. I will be retracting my original statement and the following will be the scheduling restrictions placed on game four:

    1. The original line scheduled for game four is required to remain in the game.
    2. Teams are eligible to make ONE roster sub from game four.
    3. Any player who's first game of the series (scheduled - played) is in game four IS INELIGIBLE to be roster subbed out of game four due to scheduling restrictions requiring the player to be scheduled/play one game in the first four games of the series.
    4. All additional roster adjustments AFTER one roster sub sub occurs MUST BE ECU players.
    In regards to the scheduling of game four, from my perspective the results of game four are likely irrelevant to the series. Regardless of the outcome of game four teams are required to win four games in a series. The scheduling restrictions are applied to the first six games of a series, therefore there is no disadvantage to either team. As an example, Stockton and San Jose in the AHL are currently sitting with a 2-1 series in favor of Stockton. One complaint I heard was how it is unfair SJS' top line potentially does not get to play their second game of the series prior to game five and six. As per my above statement, the result of game four is irrelevant to the series at this point. Regardless if SJS wins or loses game four, SJS is required to win game five and six anyways seeing as they are down in the series.

    Game seven is the end all be all of a series with no scheduling limitations therefore the other games are required to be completed prior to game seven.

    I realize the this decision may not be popular among everyone participating in the playoffs currently, but with ~112 competing in the playoffs still, and no real wiggle room in regards to scheduling a decision had to be made to ensure we can get round one completed within the time frame I originally set forward. I understand some teams may feel at a disadvantage having limited availability and moving their game four may have a negative impact on the series. I too am a player who was completely dependent on game four being played last night based on my personal schedule this week. But this is the hand we have been dealt and there isn't much else I or anyone else can do about it.

    This is also why my thought process was to allow game four to be played within the window I set out to allow for as much flexibility possible to ensure teams can get the game played.

    I apologize for any inconvenience this scheduling issue may have caused you and your team during your playoff push.

    If you have any suggestions in regards to how we could handle these issues in future seasons please send me a PM or post in our community or management suggestion threads.

    Best of luck to everyone in round one

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