Stay tuned for Season 4 News!

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    Hi guys,

    Bit of a busy day today, so just a quick notice that I'll be making announcements in various areas for Season 4 soon.

    How can you help LGGT for starters? Keep in mind who you know that plays here, or names that you remember playing here that moved on. Have them give LGGT another look. With the API in place, and some adjustments we plan to make, we look forward to offering you a deeper golfing experience.

    We also hope to take LGGT to the next level, with including players from the PC World, which we are able to handle with Steam oAuth capability in place. We get enough of a player base, we hope to introduce additional tiers, to separate the talent a bit more. But we need commitment from players.

    So look for a Roll Call thread shortly.

    Thanks for your participation in LGGT, as we look to expand your golfing experience!

    James "LB" LeBlond (aka eMLBCommish)
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