Strengths and Weaknesses CENTRAL EDITION

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    This is meant to be a toilet read or if you have an extra 5 mins type of thing. If the feedback on this is good enough I will release all of the divisions.

    I’m just going to be listing every teams strengths and weaknesses. The order of teams in this write up will be where I also predict them to fall standings wise.

    This is just my personal opinion and I love everyone if you have a different opinion feel free to comment below!

    :team391:Winnipeg Jets:team391:

    Owner - @Gourr-

    Gm - @ScaryJoeyy

    Strength - This team has several elite level players on the roster. The forward core on this team is by far the best in the league.

    Weakness - Will this teams third line be able to steal games for them?

    Overall- Gour only had 8 mil to work with in bidding and did a great job picking up some great contracts. This is a scary team and they will be contenders for the cup this seasons.

    :team9:Dallas Stars:team9:

    Owner - @vKaybee

    Gm - @Dannyy Briere

    Strength - KB was able to lock up 2 great dmen in an extremely weak bidding pool. He was also able to bring in a top game 7 dman as his gm.

    Weakness - Will @JTresatti be able to lock down the crease and give them the goaltending this team needs?

    Overall - Dallas has a good team that I think will catch the league by surprise. They have some good contracts mixed with some good returning contracts. I think this team will be able to make playoffs easily.

    :team3:St. Louis Blues:team3:

    Owner - @Primetimme

    Gm - @Professor_Merana

    Strength - The blues have a pretty deep roster. They are balanced in all aspects of there team.

    Weakness - The team doesn’t have the best game 7 lineup in comparison to some of the game 7 lines in the league.

    Overall- Prime did a great job in bidding. I can see people underestimating the skill of this team and I can see them making playoffs.

    :team75:Chicago Blackhawks:team75:

    Owner - @Rivnasty

    Gm - @meka DVA meka

    Strength - The team definitely has some solid assets who are worth more then there current price tag. This can make for a great team for a several seasons.

    Weakness - Even though this team has so great contracts will they be able to over come some of the top lines in the league?

    Overall - These Hawks have a smart management duo and they have some experienced players on there team. I can see this team being a sleeper and sneak into the loffs.

    :team77:Nashville Predators:team77:

    Owner - @RBCressor

    Gm - @ToppestOfTops

    Strength - The score on this team really stands out to me. Another team that was able to secure 2 good dmen in bidding plus @RBCressor who will be a big anchor to this d core

    Weakness - I feel like this team may have an issue scoring and don’t really have a scary game 7 forward line up. Will they be able to make a few trades down the road to beef up there scoring?

    Overall - This team has two experienced managers under there wing. I think they’ll be able to find line combinations that click. I can see this brand being a wild card team.

    :team30:Minnesota Wild:team30:

    Owner - @leafs1791

    Gm - @McLxvinn

    Strength - This team definitely has some proven forwards on there roster that can put up some good numbers offensively.

    Weakness - I don’t know if leafs will be to live up to his free contract at defence. @IxI MLGesus IxI will be able to lock it down but there d core is definitely one of the weakest.

    Overall - Leafs was able to bring in a top GM ($200 later) but this team has some potential if there offence can click. I don’t see this team being a playoff team unless massive changes are made

    :team8:Colorado Avalanche:team8:

    Owner - @EPICxSKILLZY

    Gm - @BradyTkachuk

    Strength - The forward core on this team has the capability to put up some good numbers for this team.

    Weakness- The defence on this team looks rather suspect. Will Epic try and pull of a few moves to upgrade his dcore?

    Overall- In comparison to some of the teams in this divison the Avalanche lacks depth. This team needs some serious work and hopefully they can upgrade with some trades.
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    we had 5 dmen before bidding, good write up and happy bday man
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    if i’m the weakness then we’re in good shape I think :thinking:
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