Stun's Season 13 Predictions Review

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    Stun's back after a..."season", so let's see if those predictions I made earlier aged like wine, or like some of the Irish Guy from HITC Sports's.

    16. Cagliari (4 points) [predicted: 15th] [-1]

    As much as I’d like to just add a video of Spurs fans chanting “We’re fucking shit,” I figure I might as well dive deeper into what went wrong.

    When I’m the best player on a team for the year, and the team still concedes roughly 4 goals a game? There’s a big problem.

    One obviously points to management, but that’s not the full issue. Arrow and Panamanian could’ve done better in places, but they were fed a relatively shitty hand with two diva players (FB and the defensive Kevin) forced moves after Week 1. However, the deals they made to offload Kevin/FB were terrible too. If you’re going to sell guys, make sure you get some good value for them, ok? Another issue was the arrival of NYOasis, and the shitty sign-up system for games. You really benched one of the best players on this team by miles because he was busy at work? He told you before he’s been busy, help him by getting the sign up posts up earlier!

    Later, the team was given a second chance with Sidd/FearPique coming in and trying to help overhaul things. He helped coordinate some moves to bring some good guys in, but this barely helped at all. Even he gave up on the team at the end of the year. The rest of the team they did select in bidding just was weak and didn’t care about playing, which led to the team usually playing with fewer players, and to forfeits at the end of the year.

    Despite the few errors, Panamanian and Arrow don’t deserve all of the blame, and I feel really bad for them as they are nice guys, and I’ve been in that situation as an owner before. They can only do so much when half of the guys they bid on decided to just sleep the whole year, and I think can return to manage and improve if they find an AGM other than OkemosBoxedWater, and no disrespect to Okemos, but he’s terrible at Fifa and also inactive. I had him on my management staff before and he did the same stuff to me when I was an owner. Okemos shouldn’t be allowed to be an AGM again.

    Overall a rough season, and the worst in LG history. I did say there would be some unknowns, but yeah, being this bad was an unknown for sure!

    15. Juventus (23 points) [predicted: 12th] [-3]

    I said that this team had some questions in defense, and I wasn’t wrong. They looked to have a good attack, but it really didn’t show with the second lowest goal tally all year. (You can guess who was first in lowest…) Overall, just a rough year for them, and I was surprised to see them this low. I think DJ can help bring this team back from the dead though if the stays as an owner…

    14. Sassulo (25 points) [predicted: 16th] [+2]

    I predicted them last, but did mention that they wouldn’t look like absolute fodder, and I was right. Sassulo were in the fight in the bottom half and not terribly far off. Moves definitely shaked up the league a bit, and Bohemian carried this team on his back with his goal scoring. Not a terrible season, but not one they can be super proud of.

    13. Udinese (25 points) [predicted: 10th] [-3]

    Devil, Callum and Fetz couldn’t save the team. I heard there had been some turmoil and stuff (and if I recall correctly this was Mullett’s team) but yeah, just a rough year in general. Naxxvy's regression to 0 goals in the was shocking, with Monster leading the way on that front. The most telling stat has to be the 1GG statistic, with 1-4-9 results, the worst in the league (besides Cagli) in that stat. Losing and dropping key points here kept you guys down.

    12. Parma (27 points) [predicted: 7th] [-5]

    This all around team struggled a bit, and is the final “lower-tier” team on the list. Not much to really say about them. Relatively quiet, and it was good to see Knifey back at work in defense!

    I definitely got this pick wrong though. Maybe I felt they’d be a cinderella side?

    11. Sampdoria (34 points) [predicted: 13th] [+2]

    DubCity did well with this group of lads. Good defense and decent attack to keep them competitive. I thought they’d be a lower side, but they proved they could hang in the rear of the midfield. Sadly not good enough to break into the top of that fight, but held their own and looked good at times. Not bad!

    10. Roma (39 points) [predicted: 11th] [+1]

    Blas and Jack were cooking on this relatively nice team. Pretty good overall, with Fedecal doing good work for them. A lot of changes from the start, but were in the midfield right around where I expected.

    9. Fiorentina (40 points) [predicted: 9th] [--]


    Anyway, Fiorentina had a good year. Jchain and Breed did well, with Mangual putting in nice numbers too. Overall, a good year for you guys! Veterans worked well, and you were close to being “best of the rest.”

    8. Inter Milan (43 points) [predicted: 4th] [-4]

    It’s a little disappointing to see a team with that potential to struggle. Being best of the rest isn’t bad, but you guys could’ve been fighting for the title. I have to wait and see how things go next year though, I expect them to come back stronger.

    7. Atalanta (50 points) [predicted: 1st] [-6]

    This team looked insanely good, and were my favorites to win.

    What went wrong? Unlike with Cagliari, I don’t have that answer. Just struggles and conceding too much it seems. If you keep your core and focus on shoring up the defense, I think you can come back fighting well next year. Disappointing to see you guys crash like this.

    6. Genoa (54 points) [predicted: 5th] [-1]

    Not bad, but not amazing. Could’ve done better, could’ve done worse! Being weaker in attack and in defense led to you slipping due to goal difference.

    5. Torino (54 points) [predicted: 6th] [+1]

    This is why you want BroadwayCJ in goal. Elite goal stopping and good offense from Thunderaxx got ya’ll the top 5. Oh and also Patrick and Cheese standing strong in defense. Good job guys, hopefully that unit comes back and does better next year, too!

    4. Lazio (54 points) [predicted: 14th] [+10]

    Oh boy. I guess I was the only one who thought they’d be shit. I was wrong. I was very, very wrong.

    Lazio were elite. Bhooper was class with scoring and the rest of the team played up to their ability and then some. Good job making me look like a dumbass, and enjoy this good season. You were best of the slightly better than the rest, and won a 3 way GD tie!

    3. AC Milan (62 points) [predicted: 2nd] [-1] [cup winners]

    I really got his wrong because of a damn goal difference, man. Either way, I expected you lot great season, and you did! Solid top 3 finish, and a nice shiny cup win. Kix, DSaboteur and Infinite did really well. Teams that win the cup usually do well the next year, too! I’ve got my eye on you!

    2. Napoli (62 points) [predicted: 3rd] [+1]

    It was a year of being runner up for you. 2nd in the League and Cup. Painful ways to lose trophies, but you were good. Really good. Solid everywhere, and the second most goal scoring team in the league. Someone deserves a shoutout.

    42 goals? Cupid, stop making goalkeepers contemplating their life choices man...good stuff breaking the goal record and lighting the league on fire. Finally knocking Kevin off that top spot for top LG striker was hard to do, but you did it quite well. Congrats!

    1. Crotone (72 points) [predicted: 8th] [+7] [league winners]

    “The way I see it, they’ll either go all the way and win/fight-for the title, or flop and be a bottom feeder side.”

    Care to guess what happened? They walked the league and then some. This new “Family” of sorts, given the team played together a lot before joining, came in and showed everyone how good they were. Congrats on the league title! The big question now is...can you repeat?

    To be honest, I expected these to age a lot worse than they did. Overall, it was a fun summer season, and now it's time to enjoy an LG World Cup! Players who had rough years will want to prove their worth, and the top dogs will want to solidify their spot as LG's Elite! Can't wait!
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    Im still shocked you predicted us to be 14th. I guess you hate us or you didnt wanted to do some research. Let this be a lesson, if you se Clown- and alba_black on a team, that team is already top 4th.
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    I mean without king barros and vonaey in our defense I think it's a different story
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    Solid write up as always Stun. Thanks for the kind words!
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