Suggestions for improving the "My Virtual Career" LG Experience

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    @Tris10 @LG McDonald

    I'm going to keep harping on this, as I feel "My Virtual Career" is still lacking some immersive depth to truly improve the LeagueGaming experience:

    Want to see more focus on "Your Virtual Career" (Year 2 of the following requests)...

    - Breakdown stats by position played (Since Tris could pull up FO% for all PSN seasons, it's do-able to see how good someone was at RW vs C vs their two seasons at RD)

    - Then Career Leaderboard can be broken down by specific positions. More bragging rights possible. This can be placed in the Career Section of our Personal Player Cards, and a column you can see/hide. Also, by breaking down stats, it incentivizes players like me (Career Defensemen) to actually care and go to that section. I'll never compete for Points, so why would I care to go to this part of the site if it can't track my actual career as an LD (for example).

    ****** Goalie Player Cards should not have Pts and +/- like Skaters do when you go to their card. Identify G, and include GAA and Sv%. ***** (Why this hasn't been done yet is beyond me!!)

    - Career Milestones section of each boxscore in games (IE: @Tris10 scored his 100th Career LGHL Point)

    - Create a News Section in the Player Profile that indicates the milestone feat, and date feat was accomplished

    - On our Player Profile pages, have it break down record by Team you played in the Career Splits in a further area we can choose to drop down:
    IE: LeBlondl77l has played with COL, BOS, CBJ and OTT in LGHL PSN. Let's see where I did on each team by this breakdown, as opposed to going to look at each individual game.

    Will make it really cool to see when people return to teams. Kinda like a Baseball Registry.

    - Also, since we track team Franchise and Single Season Records, it makes these records more interesting to follow:

    I'll think of more as I go, but think this is a good start focusing on what LG intends to be.

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    Fuck this thread
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