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    Jun 9, 2016
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    Hello everyone. I am building my bidlist and looking for talented players to join my team for the summer season. A little about me I have a ton of experience building teams that are fun. My average CR ranges from 990-1100 (recently dipped to 850 due to scouting guys for next season). I am very organized, easy to work with owner. I am knowledgeable about the league, it's rules and this community.

    My contact information
    LG: A_Lucky_Pucker
    PSN: A_Lucky_Pucker
    Discord: A_Lucky_Pucker #8227

    1). If you have never played LG but are interested in joining a strong team to jump start your LG career hmu via direct message.

    2). You have played LG and you plan to sign up late, and play in the CHL for summer season and want to play on a strong team send me a DM.

    Information helpful to me
    I). What is your average CR
    II). League experience?
    III). How deep have you been in the playoffs.
    IV). What is your primary position?
    V). What is your preferred playstyle with regards to each of the following areas;
    A). Forecheck:
    B). Defensive zone
    C). Break out
    D). Offensive Zone
    E). Power play
    F). Penalty Kill

    My preferred styles are as follows:
    A). 1-4 trap or 2-3 man
    B). Staggered, Agressive
    C). Controlled Break out.
    D). Overload, cycle, puck control
    E). Umbrella with good spacing
    F). 2-2 tight box, diamond, or 3 Triangle 1 man high.

    I recommend Direct messages over posting here to prevent bidding wars.

    Whenever you end up good luck and hope you have a fun summer season!
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