Super 16: Week Two

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    Around the League:
    Several teams had impressive runs this week leading to a team previously unranked jumping into the top eight for this weeks power rankings. The Atlantic division saw 7 of their 8 teams finish the week with 5 or more wins, while the Pacific had just 2 teams do so. In addition, some of the usual suspects jumped to the top of the Art Ross race. The number of overtime games still seems relatively high and league scoring has picked up considerably from last week. Thanks for reading and here are the rankings:

    1. :team15: San Jose Sharks (6-2-2)
    Last Week: 3
    The Sharks had one of the tougher schedules this week, but managed to beat the harder teams on their schedule. This was a decent test of their depth, and three of their four losses came down to one goal with the fourth loss ending 3-0 to the Lightning's first line.
    Miss: Out of their losses, it seems they should have been able to manage at least one more win, though they did have their top D pair wasted in a FF this week.

    2. :team23: Florida Panthers (7-2-0)
    Last Week: 14
    They lost just two games all week, one of those coming from a tough Golden Knights lineup that has looked pretty good this week. Their GF/game almost doubled this week going from 21 GF last week to 35 GF this week.
    Miss: They had to FF against the Sharks this week. Really sucks to see FFs in week two (there were several), and in a game that could have been potentially one of the best match-ups this week.

    3. :team20: Ottawa Senators (6-1-2)
    Last Week: Not ranked
    The Senators got points in 8 of 9 games including a 6 game win streak. Losing in OT to the number one ranked team this week.
    Miss: The blowout to the Canucks is an eye-sore. Also, it looks like so far this team is going to really live and die by its ability to keep pucks out of the net. In a 6-1-2 week their goal differential was zero, and not too far off from last week.

    4. :team1: Toronto Maple Leafs (6-2-1)
    Last Week: 1
    The defense has held up allowing just 16 goals against all week.
    Miss: The third line struggled in TOR vs LA for the teams first loss, and their second loss was an ECU-filled game against the Sharks.

    5. :team75: Chicago Blackhawks (6-2-0)
    Last Week: 9
    The team as a whole looked more in sync this week with the 1st and 2nd lines (and D pairs) going 3-0.
    Miss: ESHL seems to have forced the 3rd line to play harder teams than they can handle, leading to some not so good results.

    6. :team2: Boston Bruins (6-2-1)
    Last Week: 5
    They allowed just 17 goals against this week without one of their top dmen. They grabbed points in 7 of 9 games for a second week with some line juggling. They looked better than the score suggests and I'd expect more of the same if @M a x y l19l is back next week.
    Miss: Seriously, who is on this team's top line? I have no idea. Avail seems to be an issue with all of the line juggling.

    7. :team5: Montreal Canadiens (6-2-1)
    Last Week: 13
    They were 4-0-1 in one goal games this week. @Pandaleupagus brings out the Enforcer D for two wins.
    Miss: Similar to OTT, one game was a bit of a blemish on this week and the GD was -1 for a 6-2-1 week. They showed some poise in one goal games, but a better GD means more insurance against EA goals in the future.

    8. :team27: New York Islanders (6-3-0)
    Last Week: 4
    They had the least GA in the league with 12. Defensively, this team was exceptional.
    Miss: The offense was way down with just 2.33 goals per game compared to 4.1 goals per game last week. At least some of this is due to a bit of a regression from their third line scoring.

    9. :team6: Columbus Blue Jackets (6-2-1)
    Last Week: 12
    The offense exploded with 35 goals this week compared to 20 last week.
    Miss: The offense is sporadic. Some games the offense never seems to come despite opportunity.

    10. :team78:Pittsburgh Penguins (5-2-1)
    Last Week: 11
    They gave the Jets their first loss of the year and were able to shake the lines up to stay away from a third line going 0-3 this week. @Gerbe x 42 had 9 points in 2 games this week after being on waivers in the AHL.
    Miss: They lost some games they should win if they want to be top 3 in their division, and it looks like they have a harder schedule next week.

    11. :team676: Vegas Golden Knights (5-4-0)
    Last Week: Not ranked
    After a slow start in week 1, they had some huge wins over the Panthers, Avalanche, and Maple Leafs. They cut their GA in half in week 2. One of the tougher schedules, their losses came against mostly teams above them in the rankings.
    Miss: The team marginally improved their GF. Offense could still be an issue if their GA doesn't come down further. Look to their veterans to improve next week.

    12. :team7: New Jersey Devils (5-4-0)
    Last Week: 10
    The Devils have at the very least been consistent with similar results. Though, I doubt management will be complacent with two five-win weeks.
    Miss: The @riorio56 @Laine x 29 @Sleeman Guy line looked great in week one, but they were less than stellar in week two. I'd expect them to trend upwards. The GF and GA were both slightly worse with slightly worse results (losing one point in the standings compared to last week).

    13. :team8: Colorado Avalanche (5-3-1)
    Last Week: 15
    They won the games they absolutely had to with a great week from @x Braydenn and @l S4K l .
    Miss: Just one game was decided by more than two goals. While they've had two good weeks, the margin for error is very thin and Central division race looks to be tight all year.

    14. :team76: Los Angeles Kings (5-4-0)
    Last Week: Not ranked
    The Kings had a tough schedule and showed they could play at a high level beating the Maple Leafs, Bruins, and Lightning.
    Miss: The team as a whole doesn't seem to have a lot of consistency. Seems too variable what team you're going to get when you play the Kings.

    15. :team21: Tampa Bay Lightning (5-3-1)
    Last Week: 7
    They were a respectable +8 GD and were consistent with last week's GF and GA which weren't bad.
    Miss: They were 1-3-1 this week in one goal games, and I think this is a team most thought would average around 3 goals per game. A few extra goals and this team suddenly has 3 or 4 more points.

    16. :team391: Winnipeg Jets (5-4-0)
    Last Week: 2
    @MasterAmerica @K inG x NeymaR and @Auggy32 managed to stay undefeated playing 2 of their 3 games together.
    Miss: Team scoring was down and the team let up almost twice as many goals as last week, but this schedule was a bit tougher. 3-3 in one goal games means some of those wins were just out of reach.

    Games to Watch:

    :team3: Saint Louis Blues @ :team30: Minnesota Wild
    Sunday Oct. 29th - 10:00 PM EST
    The teams involved in the biggest trade during the off days face off.

    :team76: Los Angeles Kings @ :team31: Anaheim Ducks
    Tuesday Oct. 31st - 10:00 PM EST
    A Halloween night match up where @L Oohwayy L @y05hiii @CornwaIIace and @l Sakic l get a chance to take revenge on their former teams. (praying that one of these guys play)

    Surprises of the Week:
    Ottawa goes on a 6 game win streak.
    @Hooter goes 3-0 for VGK after going 0-3 the week before.

    Letdown of the Week:
    The two teams from Alberta saw a bit of a regression this week with Edmonton going 3-5-1 and Calgary going 2-7-0.

    Any feedback is appreciated.
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    Love it man!
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    Awesome job keep up the good work
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    Our second ot loss last week is having the ot replayed. Regardless, nice write up bud.
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