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    How To Take States Using the New LG Stats API

    Exciting news, we finally have the single biggest feature we've all been waiting for, a direct API to EA Sports for stats. This means no fumbling with screenshots, OCR, twitter, or your phone to prove stats. This also means managers no longer will need to correct stats or spend hours fixing and managing their organization's stats.

    This API is for both Xbox One and PS4, and we'll support it for every LG NHL league Team league we do include

    • ESHL
    • CanAm
    • Friday Night Puck
    • IHL & LGWJ
    • And any other supported LG League
    This is the killer LG Feature we've all been waiting for.

    There is still some manual input as this API doesn't give us everything we have today, Rather than losing these stats we decided to make those stats manual, So manual stat input is this

    • Team Time on Attack
    • Team Power Play Goals & Attempts
    • Goals by Period
    Everything else we get from the API.

    How it works is simple, the user selects the LG Game, then types in the "EA Sports Club" their LG game was played on, That brings up a list of the last 5 games that EA Sports Club played. The user simply needs to select which EA Sports Game is connected to the LG Game.

    Here is a full demo

    There are a few things to consider though

    • We can only get stats from Club Challenge!
    • It takes roughly 30-50 minutes after the game to show up on the API
    Here is a list of the benefits
    • Makes being a manager in LG much easier, less work
    • IF we remove the OCR input, we could move all stat entry away from managers so that the only BOG could manage stats and we never have to worry about stats being padded
    • 100% accuracy
    • We could do things like team records, season achieves now, now that players won't accidentally be given 1000 goals for a single game by accident, etc.
    We will still support the OCR going forward while we test out the API but going forward this should really help our community and grow LG to new levels.

    It is recommended that EVERY game be streamed, at once the game is over, the player stats and team stats are reviewed by the user who is streaming. This will give the league a video back up of the stats in case the API does not pick up the game. Screenshots of the player stats and team stats is also valid form of stat back up as well.

    Enjoy everyone
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