"How Do I" Team Signup & Team Setup

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    This thread is to help new Team Owners to the LG Website

    How To Sign your team up
    1. Click the signup button in this forum, or use this direct link
    2. Fill out the team signup, enter your clubs official esports name and read/accept & agree to all the items listed
    3. An administrator will review your signup, once approved you will get an Alert that you have been given "Captain Tools". Once you get this alert, you can now control your team and send out player offers
    How to add/manage your Team

    Once you have signed your team up, and an LG admin has given you "Captain Tools" (This is the permission to run the team), you need to first add your roster, please follow these steps
    1. Make sure your players are registered on Leaguegaming. If you need any assistance, please discord DM "Tris10#6962".
    2. In the League forum, look at the white sub menu bar, you will see an option titled "Manager". Click that
    3. Under manager goto the tool "Front Office", then "Add Player". Send offers to all of your players.
    4. Have your players accept those offers. Once they do, they will be automatically added to your club
    How to manage your team Logo
    1. Goto this league forum then "Manager" > "Team Setup".
    2. The logo must be a valid PNG file
      • For best practices, make sure the image is transparent, and all the edges are correctly cropped. For help with editing an image yourself, view this video.
    Automated Images for Social Media

    A Cool feature for Leaguegaming is our social media image generator. Click "Social" in the white bar, fill out the form and it will return images to you share on twitter.

    After you register, update your logo, please share the images to twitter.

    How to manage your teams connected twitter account

    1. Goto this league forum then "Manager" > "Twitter".
    2. Enter just the handle name (Ie if your twitter is "https://twitter.com/leaguegaming", just enter "leaguegaming"