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    Hello Everyone,

    Excited to announce a new feature we've been working on for the last little while, the ESHL Leaderboards.

    The ESHL Leaderboards is an overall tracking system of all esports events here at LG and a way to track, and rank players and teams.

    Checkout the new ESHL Leaderboard here


    How Does It Work?
    Because players move teams so much, trying to rank teams is very tricky, you need a system where you give players individual points for an event. This is the basic principle of the ESHL Leaderboard, teams get points for an event (points for their performance in the regular season and playoffs) and then those points are divided out to the individual players who played on that team. Thus, each individual player now has "ESHL Player Points" that stay with that user so if they switch teams the strength of that team can be properly measured.

    How are ESHL Player Points Calculated
    The formula is simple but complex. Lets say you played on a team that got "1000 ESHL Team Points" for an event and there are 7 players on the roster. You can't divide 1000/7 because one of those players may only play 1 or no games at all. To make it fair, each players contribution to the team is broken down by their games played in the event. So for example your team has 1000 ESHL Team Points, We first divide 1000/6, since 6 players play in each game. That means each share of 6 is worth 166.66. Now lets say your team played 21 games and you played 18 of them. You played 85% of your teams games, there for you get 85% of 166.66, or 141.66 player points. We them sum up everyone's player points to get their true value.

    Your esports Career stays with you

    What Are ESHL Divisions

    Now that we know each players worth, we can then rank teams based on the sum of their top 6 players. This is now the teams ESHL Points. For example if a new player joins team X, he brings with that team all his individual points. So if a team is brand new, they will still be properly ranked.

    This gives us the opportunity to make our ESHL Divisions. One of the most requested feature for esports. Today we rank the teams into 5 divisions
    • Division 1 (1-8)
    • Division 2 (9-16)
    • Division 3 (17-32)
    • Division 4 (33-64)
    • Open (Any other)
    These division ranks can now carry over to all esports events here at LG. The first use of them will be the Kings Coast Cup. All teams in divisions 1 & 2 will auto qualify for the 3 Kings Coast cup tournaments and be seeded across the individual tournament groups.

    NHL Esports history now being recorded
    This new system will track every esports event at LG, from the Space Esports Events to the Sharks & Capitals. This means as more and more events are added teams and players careers will be tracked in detail.

    This feature is currently in beta, we will be adding featured and functionality to it as we go on. Please help us and provide feedback!

    Thanks everyone
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