The Top 5 KC3 Defensemen at Each Position (Statistically)

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    Here is part two of my previous post (forwards). However, because these rankings are on defensemen and not forwards, I changed the system just a tad, to highlight some of the areas that I personally can make a d-man standout.


    - Played in at least 6 round-robin games during the KC3 round-robin
    - Player is ranked at the position they are listed as on the site (RD or LD)

    IN: Puck Possession, OUT: Goals​
    Offense - Points Per Game, Assists Per Game, Plus Minus Per Game

    Defense - Takeaways Per Game, Interceptions Per Game, Own End Efficiency

    Team Play - Puck Possession Per Game, Penalty Minutes Per Game, Win Percentage

    I substituted Goals Per Game out for Puck Possession per game. Granted, defensemen who score a lot of goals should be really valuable, but it's very uncommon and I wanted to fit Puck Possession in because it is a good representation of the player's style. Usually, defensemen with high PP, tend to be the "alphas" of the D pair. It's not always the case, but it tends to be true most times. If a defenseman has low PP, usually they are the shutdown d-man of the pair and tend to have higher overalls in the defense categories, than the offense. And as you will see, the top guys do exceptional in both categories.

    **Just a reminder that these rankings are based purely on stats, not skill**

    #5 - LD: @Paradis-7117 RD: @SamDelisle9


    #4 - LD: @Tibbernac RD: @kcut


    #3 - LD: @NYR95 RD: @Focus TF


    #2 - LD: @TheHeroicDuck RD: @NeNe


    #1 - LD: @l Geimer l RD: @Odieeeeee


    Here are the top 25 for each position:
    Thank you for reading, if you have any suggestions or feedback feel free to comment or message me as always.​
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