Things this league needs and you can help with.

Discussion in 'Leaguegaming Basketball Association (LGBA)' started by bingo king, Sep 15, 2018.

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    Hey everyone let's get this league growing and improving every week. Some things we need help to improve right off the bat.

    1. Owners. We need leadership and guys who will field teams.
    2. Players. no players, no games.
    3. Media. We need guys who will make this league more enjoyable by reading articles and having breakdowns
    4. Video Highlights. Games are required to be streamed this year. Having some guys who can make some top 10, or even top 5's of the week would be a great way for guys to feel appreciated.
    5. Co-Commissioners, BoG, general league leadership. I know i have time right now to get this league rolling and in the past proven it but I need help. If i get busy or life gets in the way I need guys who can step in and be respected and knowledgeable enough in how to make things work here.
    Please post below if you guys, or girls, can help out with anything #3-5.