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    TNT is a weekly 3's tournament held on Thursday nights for eligible LG members.

    There is no position lock

    Every week the players who are eligible to sign up will change. Week 1 will be "Everyone" the following week will be "NHL Only" followed by "Everyone" followed by "AHL Only" Followed by "Everyone" followed by "CHL Only", then rotating again.

    If you apply to be a captain and receive an alert notifying you you need to:
    Go to FNP PSN forum
    click on the manager tab
    goto front office
    click "Add Player" Tab
    add yourself
    when front office refreshes, click the "owner" button beside their name. It is expected that you will have this done by 6pm EST on Thursday, failure to do so may result in being removed and replaced.

    The TNT Draft will go begin at 8:00pm EST Each team will consist of 6 players per team total.

    Given that this is a single elimination tournament, scheduling is at the captain's discretion. This means that it is possible that drafted players may be benched but we strongly encourage all captains to use their full roster whenever possible.

    All players who sign up for TNT are required to be available for the duration of the tournament. Do not sign up if you cannot play every game. Players found to violate this rule will be issued a one-week TNT suspension. Repeat offenders will face longer punishments up to permanent ineligibility to play in the events.

    Gameplay: All LGHL PSN Rules will be applied for gameplay.

    Stats: Only stat taking required will be the final score.

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