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    Top Locks

    From the desk of Comeup

    Comeup – he’s proven time and time again he can hoop in any league at a high level. He’s great in the fast break and can be a general on both sides of the ball. Elevates everyone’s game around him and puts some of the best in a box.

    Truss – it would be wrong to have this man any lower on the list. He is an absolute gamer, spams his x button until it breaks and still knocks down shots efficiently with the battered button. All he’s missing is a little offensive IQ and leadership, but both of those things will come playing the game regularly.

    Sunday Killers (Banned Mike) – Mike makes a big move into the top 3 this season, and it would be wrong to move him any lower at this point in time. So long as he isn’t stuck playing PG or 2BH, he’s going to shine. He is a leader when he’s on the court and has the IQ to match. Could be a sleeper pick in the draft for sure.

    Dasani – his 2nd year in the league and he can hoop. The big question is, will he be able to hoop with the team he gets put on having the lack of chemistry and familiarity with some guys in the league. He can handle the ball and has the IQ that most are looking for out of their locks this season.

    Trento – the rookie lock breaks the top 5. He is a great 2K player and he has a huge drive to win games. He’s a gamer, and shows it on both sides of the court. One of his biggest strengths is he listens to peoples input and puts it to use on the court, not shying away from constructive criticism with a big ego like some do.

    Honourable Mentions

    Lvpez & SubxForce
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