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Will Ando sign up?

  1. Yes(angrily)

  2. No

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    Disclaimer - this was made before a few signup edits and I’m not changing it.

    Point Guards

    Jig Ve – not much to say here, Jig is putting himself in a position to be one of, if not the best player we’ve had in LGBA (that has stuck around at least). He should be the highest bid and MVP favourite going into the season, but we’ll see if he can carry a team with that high price tag and not being an owner/gm. He looks like he’ll be without his LG duo Tee which could play a roll in his success too (unless he smartens up and signs up). Easily going to be the best player on any team he goes to, just at what cost?

    llshahbaazll – definitely the best new guy we have this season (so long as he gets through vetting) and one of the best players going into the season. He is likely the only new player with a shot at MVP but with that being said, is there a flight risk? I could definitely see him grabbing the scoring title and possibly being moved around during the season if he’s unhappy or if the fit isn’t there, similar to what happened with marquise.

    Witt Ve – a player you’ve seen in just about every role in LG, he’s been a top point guard, a stellar lock and he’s done well in ownership as well. Witt is probably one of the most competitive guards in the league and is always going to give that extra effort on both sides of the ball regardless of where he goes. Definitely a safe pick with no flight risk and will finish the season as a top 3 guard.

    OG – despite his struggles with the old head Snype last season, you’d be crazy to keep this guy out of the top 5. One of the best players to grace the LGBA, if he gets back to his 2k20 form, or even close to it the league is in trouble. His duo cornonthecob is back as well, will we see them teamed up?

    Dr ZDJ – another new guy that I’ll be honest, I don’t know a whole lot about other than the fact that he can score. Putting up some impressive numbers so far in his combine games, he looks like a legit hooper. The possibility of a flight risk and just lack of overall knowledge on the guy has him slotted at 5. If he’s going to put up 40 a game all season we might have a legit steal of the draft here.

    Honorable Mentions

    Dando – sign up ffs

    STG Beast – is this his year?

    xTornVe – a possible top 5 guard if he gets his combines in, but will he?


    NoLove DC Chapo – first off, wtf kind of name is this? Secondly, a great player who can play 1 through 4. I’ve got him in this list because of the versatility he has, and the experience in some other comp leagues. Great value with Chapo as he can play the 1 if needed as well. One of the better new guys we have this season.

    I Kobi l – similar characteristics to Chapo, but less upside. We know how good Kobi is, and his experience at many different positions showing he’s got the IQ to play everywhere. Another guy who can play the 1 if needed as well as giving some relief to PGs as the 2BH, being able to go out and get a bucket effortlessly.

    xPaca – again, a guy who is normally one of the best at this position, historically a great hash shooter for anyone, but has made the move to PG. I think that Paca is still one of the best hash players in the league, and his experience and PG this 2K is going to make him even better at this spot.

    KlLLAF0RNlA – one of the better hash shooters in the league last season, he is an extremely accurate shooter and can be relied on to knock down shots at an elite level, making it hard for defenders to pinch from his hash as leaving him open for the slightest bit of time can be costly. He is also a solid defender to help out locks with all of the left righting we’re going to see this season.

    Viktomize – another lethal shooter in the past, Vik has been a staple at the hash for a long time, he hasn’t had to worry about too much playmaking as he’s been able to stand at the hash and hold X for Jig for the past two seasons but he has shown his worth, being a great offensive weapon and winning back to back rings.

    Honorable Mentions

    Flems506 – signed up finally

    Ayztraks – I know he’s transitioned to lock, but his experience at PG can show great worth being a 2BH

    Tricky x 91 – a very solid PG in the past, but no idea what his plans are this 2K
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