TOTS 18 and Award Winners

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    Good evening for a triple-header of posts! Quite a lot of awards to hand off, and this is the Crème de la Crème. Team of the Season went through such a rigorous process. I, @BLUESfan1997 had the pleasure of going into this not knowing just how much work it would be. 24 hours of work in a span of 3 days went to getting the stats full separated for the 84 eligible players for TOTS. After that, I had @youssefzooki and @TTV-TheManBerto review the entire list, a span of a day and a half to cut the list from 84 players to the 36 players [4 GKs, 6 FBs, 6 CBs, 4 DMs, 8 CMs, and 8 ATTs]. From there, we had the Media Team review the players in question to decide the choices using a linear scale voting system. We used this to not only get our 18 that you will see here today, but also to decide who would be in the Starting XI and who would be in the Bench. All the players here have made immeasurable strides to stand out against the rest of the league and for that alone, it doesn't matter if you're on the bench or not, your commitment to your game and your willingness to your team stood out on top as you stand here at the pinnacle. Nothing says that you're at the best by being voted in by your fellow competitors and your peers. With @lCerbl and @youssefzooki 's here to assist in the write-ups, all I can say is thank you everyone. I can't wait for S10 and for the continuation of our work here at the LGFA PSN Media Team! Without further ado, your TOTS 18 awaits.

    Starting XI

    GK: @Inferno425 – RB Leipzig

    What a season playing for Inferno. Someone to look out for in the Golden Gloves race, he ended his season with 95 saves, leading LG, and saved 82% of the shots he saw. A truly phenomenal season and emergence from a keeper who, despite seeing no playing time at Spurs in season 8, clearly wasn’t lacking in self-confidence and was a key cog in Leipzig’s aggressive push for the League and Cup titles this season.


    LB: @Wsheikh90 – FC Koln

    Mr. Deputy Commish was able to put in a great season at fullback for Koln, with a 7.6 AMR, completing 85% of passes with 30 tackles and 27 interceptions. A consistently solid player who has proven his quality over the course of the season, and rightfully bagged his place in Team of the Season ahead of several other TOTS candidates; and although he did not need to play in several positions this season, Sheikh is also known to be very versatile and his knowledge of the game is noticeable. Truly well deserved.


    CB: @Mayor_35 – RB Leipzig

    Mayor has been one of the best defenders LGFA has ever seen, and his pedigree just grows with season 9, contributing with 53 interceptions, 80% passing, 18 blocks, 24 tackles and multiple MOTM performances for a Leipzig team that aggressively challenged for all trophies this season. All in all, another unbelievable stat line for the defensive stalwart who shows his natural leadership qualities in every game, is in the team of the season for the third season in a row, and is comfortably in the running for the Beckenbauer award in every season he plays. Congratulations on the Season 9 Beckenbauer Award Mayor, truly deserved.


    CB: @BenficaFan19 – Borussia Dortmund

    Keeping on the topic of natural leadership qualities, and before we even consider his stats, look no further than BenficaFan for all the qualities that a natural leader possesses - vocal, observant, open minded, and energetic. The Season 8 Beckenbauer winner had another fantastic season, successfully leading BVB to a third league title in a row and was the main cog in a backline that got 13 clean sheets in 21 league games; with 32 interceptions, 87% passing, 8 blocks, and 14 tackles. The defender also put in his 100th interception in regular season play in season 9.


    RB: @vonaey – Borussia Dortmund

    Vonaey, or as most people know him, Honeybuns, put up another phenomenal season at fullback, and was a key cog in a backline that got 13 clean sheets in 21 league games, heavily contributing to BVB’s third consecutive league title and Vonaey’s third trophy in 2 LGFA seasons. His league stats demonstrate his high quality with 90% passing, 23 interceptions, and 14 tackles, not to mention the high level of commitment, desire, and attitude that he constantly portrays when playing competitively or casually.


    CDM: @BLUESfan1997 – Schalke 04

    BLUESfan demonstrated this season the type of stats that fit the bill of what a TOTS CDM should be, leading the league in interceptions with a total of 55, 10 key passes, 4 assists, 27 tackles, and 83% passing accuracy. A highly solid, versatile, and vocal player who showcased his excellent defensive and offensive qualities for Schalke, culminating in his first ever, and highly deserved, Team of the Season entry.


    CM: @youssefzooki – Borussia Dortmund

    Youssef has been a fantastic swiss-army knife for Dortmund these past few seasons. 7.7 AMR, 8 goals, 3 assists, 15 key passes, and 31 interceptions. All proof that Youssef is one of the most versatile pieces that has ever played in LGFA.


    CM: @Cosminnn4 – Schalke 04

    Cosminnn’s the mastermind of Schalke’s 4-3-3 system, it was a change in formation that actually allowed him to flourish along side his team-mates. 5 goals, 6 assists, 29 key passes, and 33 interceptions in 21 league games in the new formation. Like Youssef, Cosminnn’s another box-to-box threat that all teams have had to watch out for. Another highly influential season for the Schalke midfielder, Owner, and tactical guru.


    CM: @GreatWun21 – RB Leipzig

    GreatWun’s one of the best attacking midfielders with his production, producing 9 goals, 10 assists, and 11 key passes. But like our other center mids, it’s not just offense; 38 interceptions shows that he is excellent at reading the play, and very clinical in getting interceptions for his side. The chemistry and combinations between GreatWun and his attacking teammate Omar this season was an absolute joy to watch, and he certainly raised the bar with respect to the type of offensive and defensive contribution a player can provide from midfield.


    ATT: @Omar13VA – RB Leipzig

    24 goals, 10 assists, and 21 key passes in 18 league games played. An 8.8 AMR! Golden Boot. Tied in league lead for assists. LGFA single season goals record holder. Need I say more?


    ATT: @KevinSLB1302 – Bayern Munich

    Kevin was a frontrunner in my mind for the golden boot, as he had terrorized me in the offseason tournament. His success there carried over to LG, where he ended on 12 goals, 6 assists, and 15 key passes. Not to mention, the first year-manager ended up with a DFB-Pokal back in Munich. All in all, an immense season from Bayern Munich’s strong, pacey, and skillful number 9; an absolute menace for all defenses.



    GK: @Javier – Schalke 04

    If not considered as the best keeper in the league, there’s something that’s absolutely true of Javi the Geek. He makes BIG saves. In games that Wolfsburg has played against S04, Javi’s had 2 or 3 incredible saves each time. He’s saved 83% of the 98 shots he’s faced this season, so he’s on the bench.


    FB: @Mo0odi-992 – Borussia Dortmund

    For anyone who’s played with Moodi, there are multiple qualities he possesses that you can spot almost instantly: aggression, tenacity, strength, ability, speed. Moodi has been an extremely pivotal cog for BvB, playing a tremendous role in Season 8 and Season 9, playing in multiple positions, to help BvB win their league titles. Not only does he lead his side in AMR with 8.1, he had a monstrous 42 interceptions, 67% tackle success. and a storming 91% pass completion.


    CB: @lCerbl - VFL Wolfsburg

    What more can be said about Cerb? The #CERBTOTS movement has reached its conclusive, utmost goal - the stats alone will prove the incredible season Cerb has had on a personal front, but the most impressive thing throughout all this was Cerb’s high level of self-belief and confidence in knowing that he had what it takes to make it to Team of the Season; he had been planning it for months beforehand. Wolfsburg at most times were a defensive juggernaut; they were usually incredibly tough to break down, and that was mainly down to Cerb’s all-encompassing defensive game: 41 interceptions, 22 tackles, 81% passing accuracy, 5 blocks, and he managed to pitch in with the odd goal. Maybe more of those ‘1-2 passes up the pitch’ might solidify his place in the TOTS XI for next season.


    DM: @D3_NickJ – RB Leipzig

    There’s a certain Stun Gun out there who claims that Mayor’s the only reason the Leipzig defense is relevant. Nick has played all around the back side of the field for Leipzig and had 47 interceptions, 20 tackles, and 83% passing percentage to his name. A well-deserved TOTS entry for a player who contributed majorly to Leipzig’s terrific push to win all trophies, albeit coming just short.


    CM: @CrazyAM-MO – Schalke 04

    Crazy’s at the bottom of his team’s AMR leaderboard, but match rating in FIFA has never made sense. A utilityman’s dream statline of 7 assists, 15 key passes, 31 interceptions, and 34 tackles makes for what would be a perfect center midfielder. And if that isn’t enough, he might possibly be the best dribbler in this league too; with all the right pieces in place, Crazy could seriously further showcase his pure talent and ability and really push for a TOTS XI place.


    ATT: Fabian “Mr. 3 Time” I. Rodriguez – Borussia Dortmund

    It’s no secret that @Fabian I. Rodriguez has been one of the best forwards in LG for the past few seasons, and his success only continued in Season 9. Although he mainly proved himself as a serial goalscorer, the Season 8 Golden Boot winner showed a different side to him this season; joint-topping the league assists leaderboard and playing a highly pivotal role in securing his, and BvB’s, third consecutive league title; he ended with 7 goals, 10 assists, 21 key passes, 81% pass accuracy, and nearly 20 tackles and interceptions. All in all, another wonderful season for Fabio, securing his third consecutive TOTS place.


    ATT: @finkleberrie – Schalke 04

    Fink’s one of the pieces that Cosmin got to run his 4-3-3, and for good reason. But with this season, it was the 4-1-2-1-2(2) Narrow formation that earned him the 12 goals, 3 assists, 14 key passes, and about 20 tackles/interceptions make for an elite two-way winger. It’s also a third TOTS in a row for the highly skilled, lethal, pacey attacker, consistently proving and showcasing his terrific end product and high importance to Schalke’s attacking brawn.


    Award Winners Time!

    @alonzi401 with his ability to play all over the pitch, his selfless actions have not been unnoticed as he wins the inaugural Swiss Army Knife Award!

    21 GP: 28 INT, 21/28 T (75% T Success), 9 CS, 4 BLK, 169/204 P (82.8% T Success) [7.3 AMR]

    i) 12 GP @ FB: 14 INT, 15/20 T (75% T Success), 7 CS, 3 BLK, 111/128 P (86.7% T Success) [7.5 AMR]

    ii) 4 GP @ CB: 11 INT, 1/3 T (33.3% T Success), 1 BLK, 27/28 P (96.4% P Comp) [7.5 AMR]

    iii) 2 GP @ CM: 1 G, 17/24 P (70.8% P Comp), 1 KP, 2/6 S (33.3% SOT), 3 INT, 2/2 T (100% T Success) [7.4 AMR]

    iv) 2 GP @ G: 10 Saves (83.3% S Pct), 1 CS [6.7 AMR]

    v) 1 GP @ ATT: 1/1 S (100% SOT), 9/13 P (69.2% P Comp) [5.0 AMR]

    For this, I had @AZEVEDO2002 go through a treasure trove of stats to select who he thinks had the most improved season from S8 to now with Cup and League. I have 3 people in order of 3rd to 1st to award these to.

    From a rough situation at Leicester, to then only getting a look see from @alonzi401 , the veteran @j_carlos_44 had a lot to prove in a league that he's called home since S1. This season was the reformation of that as he went from only having 1 Goal Contribution in 15 games to having 13 Goal Contributions in 26 games.

    Having to bounce back from a devestating S8, which Arsenal had a 5 point advantage in the final week of the season, they let swander away from their grasps, @Cosminnn4 had to re-group a team still reeling from such a devastating letdown to gear them back into a possible S9 Title run. 8 goal contributions and only 18 Key Passes, it seemed to him that after the first week, that something had to change, and for that he did, and he thrived off of it as much as his attack force did. 14 goal contributions and 29 Key Passes, Cosminnn was able to find another life in the offense, still unable to find the elusive League Title, but able to get his hard earned recognition as he takes a TOTS Spot for S9.

    @KevinSLB1302 had a good season in all accounts, 13 goal contributions in 17 games is still quite a performance, but now he had the added task of now leading a team alongside Bayern Munchen. He did not disappoint one bit as he elevated his game to new heights! Already showing his talents in the UCLL Season 1 Off-Season Tournament where they came just short v. Man City, he went ahead and went full steam ahead. 29 goal contributions in 32 games, he's now showing his full colors as another dominant attack force as he continues to play in such an unotroxdox manner.

    @GreatWun21 takes home the award as he spurred his team on to an incredible run to a 2nd place finish few believed would have come to be!
    20 GP: 9 G, 10 A, 247/353 P (70.0% P Comp), 11 KP, 18/28 S (64.3% SOT), 8 CS, 38 INT, 37/145 T (25.5% T Success) [7.1 AMR]

    It has to go to the 3-time defending management team of Borussia Dortmund. @Respecognyze , @youssefzooki , and @Pvt_Gosling have gone through all the tribulations and have come out on top in everything they do. Congrats to them!

    @Inferno425 has taken the league by storm. On the bench behind the future HOF keeper @sINGLE---g6_ for Spurs in S8, Inferno proved himself in the UCLL Season 1 Off-Season Tournament as he lead Arsenal onto Europa League success. As the main man for a new ownership group, he truly blossomed into the elite keeper he knew he was.

    20 GP: 95 Saves (81.9% S Pct), 8 CS [7.0 AMR]

    @Mayor_35 far and wide has demonstrated what it takes to be the best of the best as a defender. His success with his club showed as they led the league until Gameweek 4. Even so, he still showed that he was worth the 25.75 mil price tag it took to get him in the first place.

    20 GP: 53 INT, 24/39 T (61.5% T Success), 8 CS, 18 BLK, 81/101 P (80.2% P Comp) [8.0 AMR]

    @Omar13VA , enough has to be said when you have almost 2 goal contributions a game. It's Messi-esque at this point. Congrats to you man.

    18 GP: 24 G, 10 A, 43/54 S (79.6% SOT), 208/265 P (78.5% P Comp), 21 KP [8.8 AMR]

    Thank you all for such a successful S9, and I can not wait for the next season to begin! Enjoy the UCLL Season 2 Off-Season Tournament and enjoy your rest while you can!
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