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    Good evening everyone on LGFA PSN and for those who are visiting, thank you for taking the time to review our work. It is the end of the season, a time to reflect on the season as a whole. A time for celebration and a time to rest before the battle for supremacy resumes. Looking back at this Season 9, us here at the Media Team would like to reflect to big moments that took place here and award those moments. I will pass it on to @lCerbl for he was the mastermind behind the work for TOTS Moments for LGFA PSN S9. Thank you all again for your continued support, as without it, there would be no league to draw moments from.

    Hello everyone, it’s @lCerbl here bringing you your LGFA Team of the Season Moments! Every team has had some stellar moments this season, but let’s go in reverse order of the standings. Before I start, I would like to thank @BLUESfan1997 and the rest of the Media Team for letting me lead on this project. Without further ado… we head to Frankfurt!

    Eintracht Frankfurt – 8th (2-1-18, 7 points)

    In what was largely a rough year for Frankfurt, there were some glimmers of hope found in a largely unknown roster.

    MOMENT 1: Ttjayy42 opens Frankfurt’s account against Schalke 04

    As for the first win of Frankfurt’s season, it was on a late goal by rookie @Ttjayy42 , who was found off a brilliant pass by @Shteekalutz (and a deflection off @Destiny ), and the rookie buried his chance beautifully.

    MOMENT 2: Pheonixx-96 Goal + Assist in win over Hertha BSC

    In what ended up as Frankfurt’s second win of the season, @Pheonixx-96 went big up top, the sophomore forward able to find himself a goal and see his owner @CoLoMbiAn_FLaCo grab another off this assist.


    Hertha BSC – 7th (4-6-11, 18 points)

    MOMENT 1: @vClassiCz_MeRkz Debut Hat Trick

    Well, you had to know this was coming. Merkz got passed around by multiple teams at the start of the season, from Koln with no playing time, to Frankfurt with minimal playing time at holding midfield, and then to Hertha, where he got the reigns up top. The rookie forward didn’t waste any time at all, with a debut hat trick against the formidable RB Leipzig defense, and Merkz would prove to be their Achilles heel, as he would terrorize the same back-line later on in the season.


    MOMENT 2: @Devil_Clutch1 Passing Masterclass seals BVB Title

    Looking at Merkz’ statline, you’d have to wonder who was able to find the striker so well on runs through. @Devil_Clutch1 did all that and more, picking up a GM spot with a Hertha Berlin side and managed to turn them around on the back end of the season. However, these last two assists against RB Leipzig ended up taking Leipzig out of the title race, securing another offseason of Fabiolo’s memes.


    VFL Wolfsburg – 6th (6-6-9, 21 Points)

    MOMENT 1: @Semple19 's brace to win 4-3 thriller over Bayern

    Semple’s been one of the few names for Wolfsburg that was able to score this season, and he showed this ability with a fantastic brace over Bayern. The forward only had 3 shots on target all game, but he was clinical, finishing 2 of those three. Finishing the match at a 9.3 rating, he ended up taking home man of the match honors.


    MOMENT 2: @XioGSheppy 's Cup Semifinal Performance

    It’s been a joke in Wolfsburg all season that we all shout, “Make a save, Sheppy!” whenever we pass back to the keeper. However, during the two cup semifinal legs, Sheppy showed some of the former Golden Glove-winning prowess between the sticks. Outside of the penalty shootout, Sheppy managed to hold Omar and the potent Leipzig offense scoreless, with 10 saves across the two legs. All of this great work, and the former Golden Glove winner was playing with a hurt left thumb during the two legs!


    FC Koln – 5th (8-6-7, 30 points)

    MOMENT 1: @TTV-TheManBerto 's skill run against Hertha

    Berto’s been a large part of the Koln offense all season long, and the whole league knows that Berto knows how to use his right stick, myself included. Berto played this week 6 game against Hertha and went on a tear through the opposing defense, ending with a goal and assist to his name. However, he wouldn’t take home MOTM honors…


    MOMENT 2: @ZackAttacks11 's Brace against BVB

    The teammate that took MOTM honors for the game against Hertha was @ZackAttacks11 , who also had an incredible brace against the reigning champs. Zack’s played multiple places for multiple teams, so it’s a great moment for the journeyman rookie.


    Bayern Munich – 4th (9-3-9, 30 points)

    MOMENT 1: @abundanceofbuns 2 goals and 2 assists against Frankfurt

    Buns is another name that broke out this season and was a problem for defenses, with the midfielder able to net two and assist two in this Week 1 matchup.


    MOMENT 2: @KevinSLB1302 's Brace in the DFB-Pokal Finals

    Bayern took home the DFB-Pokal, and the obvious choice for one moment is the GM sealing the cup for his side. Kevin’s been a problem for defenses all season long, and he proves it here by getting one by Mayor and the rest of the Leipzig defense.


    Schalke 04 – 3rd (11-7-3, 40 points)

    MOMENT 1: @WinWitout4Knif3X 's Goal-Line Clearance

    :( … but seriously, this has to be the save of the year. You could argue that in the end this didn’t have a huge impact on the season, but holy hell. What a highlight from Knifey.


    MOMENT 2: @cupid55 's Brace vs. Leipzig

    We all know that the title race went down to the wire, and it was a three-horse race till the end. Starting with the team that ended up at the bottom of the top 3, Schalke’s top striker delivered in crunch time, with two big goals over Leipzig.


    RB Leipzig – 2nd (13-2-6, 41 points)

    MOMENT 1: @PandaKendo steps up against Bayern

    It’s an interesting situation that Kendo found himself in. There’s always a stigma that Mayor overshadows his CB partners (like me in ACL), but Kendo stepped up huge against Bayern in week 4, with 5 interceptions against the cup winners.


    MOMENT 2: @Inferno425 's Cup Semifinal Performance

    I talked about Sheppy’s Cup Semis earlier, so it only makes sense to praise the other keeper as well. Inferno did phenomenal, winning the shootout to send his side to the cup finals.


    Borussia Dortmund AKA BVB No-GoalMund – 1st (14-3-4, 45 points)

    MOMENT 1: @Respecognyze calls League Over w/ Goal against Koln

    Do I need to explain? Mr. 3-time steps up and bangs in a goal to seal his 3rd consecutive title against Koln.


    MOMENT 2: @The_Blind_Ref 's Goal-Line Save

    Ref’s been made fun of, mostly for being a s**t owner (allegedly), but he makes up for it with a fantastic save, picking up for Single in net.

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