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    Well, what a final week. It's truly remarkable to see the season close out, with the cries of joy for the league winners and the heartbreak of the other teams with the belief that this was their season. Congrats to @Respecognyze , @youssefzooki , and @Pvt_Gosling along with the rest of the Borussia Dortmund team for winning the LGFA PSN Season 9 League Title! And congrats to @AZEVEDO2002 , @KevinSLB1302 , and @King_Barros for winning the LGFA Season 9 DFB-Pokal! But alas, this is all about the TOTW for Gameweek 5. Key performances helped shaped the way the league table turned out and now they will be recognized for it. Thank you so much to @youssefzooki for being my right hand man for assistance in the shortlist, Thank you all in the LGFA PSN Media Team for taking the time to assist in ranking and voting these players in and thank you to @AZEVEDO2002 for the card designs!

    TOTW 5:

    GK: @XioGSheppy (Vfl Wolfsburg)
    3 GP: 13 Saves (86.7% Save Pct.), 2 CS [7.1 AMR]

    Lest I forget that @alonzi401 decided to chuck this guy up top for two games and he ended up scoring a goal in the process. Why? I don't know, Alonzi just seems like the kind of guy to have players play opposite of where they usually play, but Sheppy did have a great week to round out what has been a very successful season, even proving me wrong in the Owner's Introduction. Will it be enough to clinch a nomination spot for TOTS? We'll find out in the coming days.

    LB: @The_Blind_Ref (Borussia Dortmund)
    5 GP: 8 INT, 3/7 T (42.9% Tackle Success), 5 CS, 1 BLK, 58/63 P (92.1% Pass Completion) [7.7 AMR]

    It's gonna be a BVB dominated TOTW, and guess who's the core of the reason why? That's right. The defense. 10 goals conceded all season and 1 goal in 6 games to secure the title with a game to spare is how championships are won. Congrats to the BOG and Media Team member!
    CB: @Mo0odi-992 (Borussia Dortmund)
    6 GP: 16 INT, 9/10 T (90% Tackle Success), 5 CS, 2 BLK, 35/36 P (97.2% Pass Completion) [8.0 AMR]

    This guy, let me tell you in my honest opinion has had the most complete season as a defender that I've ever seen since joining the league. It's gonna be a tough vote for Beckenbauer in my opinion, and his stats for this week will show you why he is the complete defender.

    CB: @BenficaFan19 (Borussia Dortmund)
    6 GP: 10 INT, 1/2 T (50% Tackle Success), 5 CS, 4 BLK, 39/48 P (81.3% Pass Completion) [7.5 AMR]

    The centerpiece of the Dortmund defense, last season Beckenbauer winner comes up clutch to keep his opposition attackers at bay. Regardless of what has been seen, he's been near the voting on several occasions and now it's his time to shine.
    RB: @vonaey (Borussia Dortmund)
    6 GP: 13 INT, 5/12 T (41.7% Tackle Success), 5 CS, 1 BLK, 54/58 P (93.1% Pass Completion) [7.7 AMR]

    I mean I thought I was gonna get to talk about another team, but hey, when I said that Dortmund's defense were at the center of the team, I meant it. Vonaey, a season prior at bidding was an up and coming fullback. Now, he's the back to back league champion who's cemented himself as a core to the dynasty. Congrats again to you man.
    DM: @TyPeCoRp (Borussia Dortmund)
    6 GP: 14 INT, 8/19 T (42.1% Tackle Success), 5 CS, 1 BLK, 76/88 P (86.4% Pass Completion) [7.7 AMR]

    Ah look! One of the OTW players finally got his breakthrough and made it into the TOTW! With everything Dortmund had to do to seal the league, they played him in his preferred position and he made sure that the decision paid dividends.
    CM: @youssefzooki (Borussia Dortmund)
    6 GP: 2 G, 1 A, 109/129 P (84.5% Pass Completion), 4 KP, 6/13 S (46.9% SOT), 5 CS, 13 INT, 3/12 T (25% Tackle Success) [7.7 AMR]

    The crackhead himself. I kid of course, but the man behind the goal and highlight videos earned himself another TOTW, and as usual he does it like the Avatar, when they needed him the most. His goals coming at the most pivotal of times, his tireless work leads his team on as he helps secure the 3-peat in league titles. Congrats to you buddy.

    CM: @Devil_Clutch1 (Hertha BSC)
    5 GP: 4 A, 63/78 P (80.8% Pass Completion), 5 KP, 4/6 S (66.7% SOT), 6 INT, 4/4 T (100% Tackle Success) [7.2 AMR]

    Ok, so having it 1 week wasn't enough, but he did it in true style. Assisting his side to the win that sealed RB Leipzig's fate and cemented us to another season of @Fabian I. Rodriguez posting his memes in the General Chat. What a way to turn the team around, becoming the piece to unlocking the defense.
    LW: @Ash_bae94 (Vfl Wolfsburg)
    3 GP: 3 G, 2 A, 5/10 S (50% SOT), 23/30 P (76.7% Pass Completion), 7 KP [8.0 AMR]

    I PREFER REALLY NOT TO, NOT TO SPEAK. IF I SPEAK, I'M IN, IN BIG TROUBLE. IN BIG TROUBLE. AND I DON'T WANT TO BE IN BIG TROUBLE. Congrats to you BOG, and soon to be father, it's been a pleasure having you in the Media Team.
    ST: @Omar13VA (RB Leipzig)
    4 GP: 4 G, 3 A, 8/10 S (80% SOT), 49/61 P (80.3% Pass Completion), 5 KP [8.7 AMR]

    A typical week in the live of Omar at this point. Though I will say that the question will be if he can keep this going next season. The cup games shown that you can limit him and if that's so, how will he adapt come S10 to a league that have already endured a full season of his play. But until then, enjoy your fourth TOTW buddy.
    RW: @vClassiCz_MeRkz (Hertha BSC)
    5 GP: 5 G, 9/15 S (60% SOT), 51/66 P (77.3% Pass Completion) [7.7 AMR]

    He's someone to watch out for next season, not a lot of eyes, but he will make you pay if you're not careful. 8 G in 7 Games and he can hurt you in a multitude of way. A hat-trick v RB Leipzig again shows that he's capable to damaging the CB tandem of Mayor and Panda. Be afraid in S10 boys and girls. Be very afraid.
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