TOTW Preseason!

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    Behold: The team of the LGFA S4 Preseason!


    1. BayernM07: He has been crucial to Liverpool's success, 10 goals in 5 games. Even when disconnecting at half-time, he still manages to make beautiful performances, and has proven his $11m price tag from bidding! He earns a headliner card that will be increased by 1 overall in his stats for each new TOTW he is in!

    2. Curi0sity: Despite Man United's not as great success in the pre-season, Curi0sity had a great Sunday night, scoring 4 goals, and earning a TOTW spot.

    3. XXJRGXX: He is literally the Ederson to NoDogg's Allison. 3 Clean Sheets, as well as one against Liverpool, have proven him as one of the best goalies in the league.

    4. Travi3ytml: A great striker for City, and also one of the leading scorers for the leauge!

    5. TheFlyers1992: A great defender with multiple clean sheets for Man City. An honorable mention is Stun Gun, who also was great on Sunday, and scored a goal.

    6. NoDogg17: Him and JRG have been making beautiful saves, and even have scored clean sheets! (NoDogg 1, JR 2).

    Also, two underdog players won awards too!

    xXtichnell11Xx (1).png

    Every week, there will also be 1 or 2 under-dog players who have done great things, and get a reward. These cards are like headliners; when one of these players is selected as an underdog again, it will gain 1 overall.

    First is Ykaneko15. His player scored 2 goals and 5 assists. What you might not know is that he played the "Any" role on Sunday, and also scored 3 goals while controlling Bayern's character in his absence! He deserves the first card.

    Second is Xtichnelll. He had 20 saves on Sunday, and despite varying success and mainly failure, he still gave it is hall, and 20 saves is pretty damn impressive, with a lot of shots coming his way.
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